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Yoon eun hye yoochun dating


It must be hard being Yoon Eun Hyeso popular as an entertainer that her every move garners comment and conjecture. Missing You was her first foray Yoon eun hye yoochun dating traditional K-melodrama and its low-teens ratings but copious media coverage would probably render its success a rather mixed bag. One minute she was a rape-scarred fashion designer escaping from her past and after some smoldery staring and one hot kiss all her unresolved trauma magically evaporated and she was back being her old self, only a bit wiser.

Yoon Eun Hye held a solo press conference this week where she chatted about her recent experiences "Yoon eun hye yoochun dating" future plans. Whatever she picks, she plans to start filming it right away. She also expressed a desire to do a sageuk soon. I totally support that — one cannot really challenge acting limits without donning a sageuk costume at some point. She expressed a recently sense of loneliness, likely brought about by her getting closer to turning 30 soon. During the filming of MY, that feeling of loneliness was especially keen.

Yoon Eun hye (Hangul: 윤은혜;...

She wished for someone to talk to on the mundane things, such as asking if the person ate or what he did today. When Yoochun was filming and she was standing by, she would feel the sadness set in. It was much better when she was kept busy. What she hates the most about going public is gaining antis because of the relationship.

I ship her with a certain oppa. She needs help in choosing her next project. Her past projects have been duds.

She should ask other successful actors for advice. I dont think u can pick a good project unless Yoon eun hye yoochun dating ur luck, they dont know the script until they sign contact with production, they only know the synopsys, so its hard to pick, noone want a bad project in the first place, do u agree with me? You can carefully consider who is doing the project, who the director and the writers are and what kind of things they have done in the past.

That will tell you quite a bit — though of course not everything. The tricky part of picking out a korean drama, is that all they give their stars are synopsis, they dont give out a finished script which is subject to many changes during the shoot.

Not to forget the live shoot. It involves a lot of luck.

The live shoot during I Miss U was totally insane, they were still shooting a few hours before the last episode was aired. She is friend with a lot of top actresses but still i dont think her friend can help her pick her project because they have different taste, what if they pick something that yeh doesnt like.

Are you talking about her Yoon eun hye yoochun dating or her project? There is nothing wrong with her acting, its just that the script wasnt written well which she cant help it. As for actors that she will pair with, i know a lot of actresses who look for a good and top actor to get paired withc but yeh doesnt care about that.

As an actress, u can rely on the other people, so she doesnt care who she will be Yoon eun hye yoochun dating to pair with… Thats a reason why she has never gotten a good actors like what we all expected.

It breaks my heart when these adored by many stars talk about their loneliness. I definitely think she should consider a sageuk. I think the writing just really kills it… 2 choices in a row. Hope she can find the happiness that she seeks in a partner for life. The sansengs alone would make her think twice even if it was a possibility. Actually, fans are supportive of these two…. It is rather unexpected and heartwarming, actually…. We thought that "Yoon eun hye yoochun dating" will get ugly between the fandoms but they are actually polite and welcoming of each other….

Saessang fans are different…. You have to associate them on a different category from the loyal fans who want the best for their bias….

The constancy of my love for Yoon Eun Hye beats my k-drama addiction, which has waxed and waned over the years. In fact these days, I am experiencing a major glut in my watching experience because not a single show has caught my interest after School I find her beautiful inside and out.

I am saddened to learn that she is experiencing loneliness in this season of her life. I hope it is short-lived and that love will find her soon.

Life and seeing good results...

She deserves to be treasured and adored so Yoon eun hye yoochun dating hope she will not settle for less than the best. I used to ship her with KJH, like really crazy. Recently though, I have been hearing a lot of things about him, so I am beginning to think that perhaps, YEH is better off with someone more mature, smart, kind, loving, sweet, romantic, more… just more.

There is nothing wrong with Kang Ji Hwan. He only has problem with his management company. On personal level, he is a great guy with tons to offer to whoever the lucky girl is. If you dont think that he is good enough for Yoon Eun Hye, then I dont think that she is good enough for him either. Please dont make a statement that sounded degrading KJH.

The ship never sailed despite so Yoon eun hye yoochun dating obvious signs and tht may be because they outgrew the feelings as both have commitments elsewhere. Yoochun used to have long going didpute.

Yoon Eun Hye held a...

Not a fan, but this is nothing more than idle conjecture. So you base your opinion about a person in this case KJH on what you hear about him? Did I take them as gospel truths?

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