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Yoga sexual harassment

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Fri 7 Sep In the beginning, Agama Yoga was paradise for most who walked through its gates; a haven on the Thai island of Koh Phangan that embraced ancient tantric teachings under the watchful eye of its Yoga sexual harassment leader, the guru Swami Vivekananda Saraswati. But beneath the surface, it seems this was no ordinary yoga school. After 31 women submitted testimonials to Agama alleging abuse, the school first tried to deal with it internally, but have now launched an independent inquiry.

Tarcau is understood to have left Koh Phangan in July, when several women went public with the allegations of abuse at Agama, and is no longer in Thailand. He could not be reached directly for comment. Three of them claim they were raped by Tarcau under the guise of spiritual healing.

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The others allege he sexually assaulted them in private consultations held in his office. The alleged assaults included Tarcau penetrating women with his fingers against their will, aggressively groping them, or performing sex acts on them without consent. At least Yoga sexual harassment senior male teachers have also been accused of either sexual assault or rape.

Both left Koh Phangan after the allegations emerged in July and the school confirmed it has Yoga sexual harassment all accused male teachers. It added to an earlier comment from Agama that said: As well as the main centre in Thailand, it also has schools in India, Colombia and Austria, and every year welcomes tens of thousands of visitors, mainly travelling from Europe, Australia and the US.

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About three-quarters of these visitors are women. At peak times there would be up to students at Agama. But it was during higher level courses that students often attended tantra workshops where the other side of the school would emerge.

Tarcau, who is from Romania, set up Agama in Koh Phangan after leaving Rishikesh in India when it is understood his visa was revoked. Tarcau had studied under Gregorian Bivolaru, another Romanian guru who was on a publicised mission to sleep with 1, virgins as the path to enlightenment. Bivolaru went on the run in after being sentenced for having sex with an underage girl, was arrested in Paris in and was later released.

Flavia Tibucheski, from Brazil, who was general manager of Agama between early and Februarysays she was among those who let Tarcau have sex with her, believing it would be a Yoga sexual harassment healing experience. She stopped it when she realised he had no interest other than his own sexual pleasure.

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He accused her of not knowing what was best for her body. As part of his teachings Tarcau would allegedly show pupils his favourite porn films.

He is also said to have used women as his domestic servants, and would Yoga sexual harassment them under his command through a combination of degradation, hypnosis and mental manipulation. In separate incidents, these women allege Tarcau had violently anally raped them.

One of the women said she had been with Tarcau in his home when he grabbed her suddenly and forced himself on her. It was in the one-to-one spiritual consultations with Tarcau that much of the reported sexual abuse at Agama is said to have occurred. Meanwhile, criticism of Tarcau was systematically undermined. In email correspondences seen by the Guardian between Tarcau and a woman who had been his lover for four years and then accused him of sexual abuse, he wrote: Be aware that these are Yoga sexual harassment that are dearly paid karmically and lead to terrible spiritual consequences.

In their statement to the Guardian, Agama denied the school was a sex cult.