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Michelle peluso


Chief Marketing Officer Location: New York City Kids: Auden, 9, and Cole, 7. There have been lots of moments of reflection and concern. Humility and self-reflection can be profound sources of inspiration. Michelle adds that the best thing to do is to stay determined and set an Michelle peluso for future female executives.

I had a devastated employee group. Our business model was in jeopardy.

Investors were freaking out. We had stranded travelers. We had to operate on all fronts in crisis mode. It took ruthless prioritizing and incredible focus—with huge heart.

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I poured everything I could into motivating and inspiring the team. The greatest leadership lesson of my life came out of that. Her advice to other working moms: Take grace along, and find humor in it all. Michelle peluso still do at IBM. When I started going to the office, our nanny would walk my daughter over to nurse. But I wanted to continue my education and broaden my horizons. I got a scholarship to Oxford. Learning philosophy strengthened my abilities.

In my last year of grad school, I restarted the conversation with BCG. I worked there for three years. BCG wanted me to come back, but instead, they gave me seed money.

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The average age was mids. About six months in, the secretary of labor made me a senior adviser when her deputy secretary left.

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I had a business perspective, and she valued that. I brought a data-centric approach to decision-making. View the discussion thread.

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