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Alternative hookup transsexual surgery before and after photos


Filed By Amy Hunter June 06, Whatever you call it, it is an irrevocable commitment and irreversible step should you choose to take it. Male to female MtF transpeople talk about it a lot. Are you, or aren't you?

Is she pre-op, or post-op? Whom are you going to have do yours? We talk about it a lot, except Then--we don't say much at all. In fact, we won't talk about it publicly, but it happens. We cover it up as if we should be Alternative hookup transsexual surgery before and after photos. Something odd ensues, much like forty or fifty years ago. Back then, people spoke in hushed tones, if at all about the family member, colleague, or friend who had certain illnesses-the "C word"-only whispered.

Many times this lack of openness about such matters led directly to preventable consequences--even deaths. We need to talk about healthcare for the transgender individual and I want to talk--openly about my experience--about what can happen when things go wrong with SRS. While death is an unlikely result of complications from sex reassignment surgery, things can and do go wrong with the procedure.

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