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Chum phae khon kaen


But today I again came past a quite huge building which was under construction for a quite a while. I always wondered what this huge thing will become although the style was clearly pretentious "Thai government office" style.

Either that or the crime rate is on the up due to lack of jobs,over pricing and a disgruntled people.

To Chum phae khon kaen money in the coffers me thinks,as you said no expense spared for new build govt buildings the kingdom wide. When I drive to Khon Kaen I see this huge plots of land with the office castles at the back of the plot for small towns the usual bunch of shacks along two roads.

It's been mooted for as long as I can remember. There was talk of the split right back in early 90s, but I suspect that the wheels of bureaucracy and law turn very slowly, as ever, and there will be those whose interests Chum phae khon kaen threatened who will be blocking it e.

The construction of provincial buildings show that the actual date, may not be too far in the future i. I very much doubt it will break away from KK, KK's boundry on the towards Loei is just before Phu Kradung, it's a big province, i have heard the rumors as well, even Chaiyaphum province wanting to encompass Chum Phae.

There are plans to split off the northwestern part to form a new province centered at Phu Wiang.

Chum Phae is a district...

I have been told a couple of time that there is a list of prospective districts that will be made into provinces. Bueng Kan was at the top of the list already split Chum phae khon kaen Nong Khai. Number 2 was ChumPhae and number 3 Nang Rong. I don't think so considering that in the last two years a lot of concrete and squiggle have surfaced not only this prosecutors office.

Must have cost more than the complete technical equipment in the office. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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Chum Phae province split off from Khon Kaen? Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Posted April 11, edited. There was always some "talk" about plans Chum phae khon kaen split off a new Chum Phae province from Khon Kaen. So far I did not see anything materialize. It's about 3 km out of Chum Phae towards Konsan on highway In the meantime there must have been some ceremony and an also quite monumental Chum phae khon kaen says: Does this indicate a soon to come Chum Phae province?

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted April 11, Incidentally they built one in Wichian Buri,Phetchabun province a year or so back now.

It is yet to be renamed as a province.

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