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For some women, despite getting very aroused and full of desire for sex, they are just not able to have penetration into their vagina.

But basically, they are sex...

For other women, attempts at sex result in pain, anxiety, and what seems to be a closing off of their vagina. Some Let me sex you that they can have some types of penetration finger, tampon, etc. The inability to allow penetration in all of these cases is called vaginismus. The current definition does not address the fact that there may be anatomical abnormalities preventing penetration, or that there have been varying degrees of muscle contraction found.

Since they are often experienced together, vaginismus is often lumped together with dyspareunia sexual pain but actually only refers to the specific contraction or spasm that prevents penetration. Since attempts at penetration with vaginismus usually results in pain, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to separate the two in most cases. But technically they are two different issues and one can exist without the other.

The causes of vaginismus can be Let me sex you infections, abnormalities with the hymen, vaginal atrophy, endometriosis, increased tone of pelvic floor muscles, vaginal lesions, vestibular pain or psychological fear of pregnancy, anxiety about sexual anatomy, fear of pain or bleeding, misunderstanding of the sex act, etc.

What is almost universal in women with vaginismus is the creation of a vicious cycle that goes from difficulty with penetration with or without pain, to negative thoughts about it, to increased anxiety or fear, to avoidance and hypervigilance, to guarding and muscle contraction. This cycle continues to reinforce itself and becomes increasingly distressing for the individual and the couple.

Because this vicious negative cycle complicates treatment and reinforces fear, the sooner that a woman receives treatment for vaginismus, the better.

Treatment addresses both the physical and psychological contributors to difficulty with penetration. First, proper "Let me sex you" about anatomy and the act of sex helps eliminate misunderstandings and gives a woman a greater sense of control. Working with a sex therapist to address the anxieties of penetration serve to help break the negative cycle. Although women who have experienced sexual abuse in their past do not have a significantly higher rate of vaginismus, these women should work carefully and progressively with a therapist.

Dilators are almost always used as part of the treatment for vaginismus. Progressively wider and larger dilators are used by a woman at home to provide physical stretching Let me sex you the entrance of the vagina.

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In using dilators, women also become increasingly comfortable with the sensation of penetration. This helps decrease anxiety, reassuring a woman that she can experience penetration under her control and without pain. Therapists work not only with the individual, but also with the couple so that the partner can gain understanding of the condition and be helpful once penetration is to be attempted.

Therapy that addresses specific fears and anxieties related to vaginismus is the most successful. There are many online sources as well, one of the most comprehensive being Vaginismus. God created women with such sexual dysfunction to keep them away from sex and thus preventing conception. God does NOT want you to have sex. It is time to give up on men and become a NUN.

First, it is very closed-minded to state that women with vaginismus should do nothing about their condition which is very often only a result of anxiety and become nuns. Vaginismus is one of the most easily treated sexual dysfunctions, allowing women to have satisfying sexual relationships regardless of whether they have children or not. Let me sex you also has no relationship to religious calling. Women do not decide nor should they to become "Let me sex you" because they have vaginismus, but instead because they feel a personal and specific calling to dedicate their lives to performing this very important work.

The two are mutually exclusive. They may be a lesson to be learned or obstacle to be overcome, giving us a better understanding of ourselves, and strengthening our connection with our maker.

I think that you should go back to your religion and your priest and have a very serious conversation about the role of change and growth in life. Um… by your reasons Maypaki, no one should go to a doctor for any type of treatment ever.

Have you ever had a cold, flu?

Thanks Betch

Did you go to a doctor Let me sex you it? Plus Let me sex you would the male version of this be then? GOD needs someone to be priests too, so what happens to men where they cannot physically have sex? Having a Thick Hymen.

Vaginismus is the most unique of all forms of medical disorders. It can NOT kill a person. It does not damage or impair her other physical activities such as walking, talking, running, thinking, remembering, sleeping, etc. It is not a cancer, virus or infection. A woman can still live a normal life while remaining a virgin. Sex is NOT a necessity.

If she does not let her condition ruin her happiness, then things will be just fine. She can just find her happiness elsewhere her clitoris.

They masturbate by just rubbing their clitoris but they always avoid vaginal insertion. Sex is a desire, a craving and a WANT. It is not a chore to please another. It is an expression of mutual affection. Masturbation teaches them to be sexually self-aware. But some, "Let me sex you" women, have limited or no masturbation skills and end up having Vaginismus or Thick Hymen. Some women do not own their bodies because God owns them. Hence they are DUMB about their Let me sex you bodies.

It is therefore reasonable to say that if a woman is DUMB about her own sex organ, then God can intervene and manipulate her vagina for the purpose of birth control.

We are free to do what is right and what is wrong. I disagree with you on almost all accounts. If a woman is born with six fingers on one hand, I do not say that she is destined to become a typist or a pianist.

We are here to promote knowledge and factual information about sex and sexuality and combat ignorance like yours.

"Do You Want Me" (),...

I have this but I never had it until about a year ago. I am in my 50 s with one grown child,so why would God all of a sudden decide I need to be a nun. You sir are crazy. God probably has nothing to do with it.

If a woman has her ovaries removed during a hysterectomy, she will eventually develop considerable pain with attempts to penetrate because of the lack of estrogen. That is not the same thing as vaginismus. We were diagnosed with it last May when "Let me sex you" both had an outbreak each.

She was in excruciating pain and after we went to the sexual health clinic they told us what it was. She already said she blames me for it and that she resents me. I should mention that she was sexually abused by a past boyfriend and I wonder if that abuse coupled with the pain of the herpes has caused her to get vaginismus.

It sounds like the immune system is not able to put this virus into the latent stage. Because of this, the focus needs to be on Let me sex you the immune system and pushing the virus back into its dormant stage. Antiviral, like Valtrex, may be important for both of you. Adequate levels of selenium mcg twice a day as well as adequate levels of Vitamin A depends Let me sex you your genetics, but at least 15, IU daily along with Vit D and Vit K-MK7 which are vital for the immune system.

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Lysine is an important amino acid that helps control viral outbreaks. Typically, a person may take Lysine mg twice a day as an ongoing supplement. Controlling it is first and foremost because once there is a good amount of pain, the brain will learn to avoid sexual contact because it has associated it with pain.

Maypaki is a troll.

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