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Chiks ng bayan


Chicken broiler and egg production are the most progressive animal enterprises in the Philippines today. The poultry industry as backyard enterprise but has shifted to the formation of very large integrated contract farming operations.

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The growth of poultry industry in the Philippines has been impressive but its problems include inefficient management and the prevalence of many destructive poultry diseases and parasites cannot be ignored. For further assistance in your area, you may check the Technical and Financial Assistance Directory. Scientific researchers have been done on this species for past centuries and it is still the focus of the Chiks ng bayan and future experimentation.

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In the Philippines chicken rank first, while ducks rank second in economic importance as source of meat and eggs. Breed of Chicken can be classified by its utility. This is Chiks ng bayan on the purpose for which the breed or variety is most efficient. Egg Class The breed belonging to this class is characterized by their comparatively small size. They lay large white shelled eggs, very active and nervous in temperament.

Chicken Breeds/ Classes

The earlier selection of geneticist for this class showed record of early maturity Chiks ng bayan may not necessarily be true with the modern breeds under this class. Leghorn, Minorcas, Anconas, Mikawa. Meat Class to this class belong the breeds that are large, slow movement, quiet and gentle in disposition.

Geneticist of the past described them as relatively slow maturing which may not hold true anymore with the present meat breeds.

They are generally poorer egg layers and generally lay Chiks ng bayan shelled eggs. General Purpose Class Breeds of Chicken in this class are medium sized good layers and the young are fast growers. They are not s nervous as the egg class but much more active than the meat class. The general purpose breeds had its popularity period when the idea of the poultry breeder was to hit both products of eggs and meat in one kind of breed.

Later developments proved that specialization of breed purpose is better goal for more efficient production. The general purpose class at present has been modified and developed by breeders in the production of broiler chicks. Fancy class The breeds under this class may be characterized as possessing decided beauty of plumage or form of having a rare unusual appearance.

Titles: Concerto for bayan &...

Most of them are raised chiefly as ornamentals or pets by hobbyists, regardless of their value Chiks ng bayan source of food. Frizzle, Bantams, Long tailed. Fighting Class Since this sport is now legalized in the Philippines it should revolutionalize our original vision that fighting cock breeds has no place place for our study. There are groups of this kinds of chickens now developed by national and international aficionados in this game.

Since there are no studies conducted on the breeding and raising of these game fowls, the LAS could not profess any knowledge of what kind and what process of raising will assure a Chiks ng bayan to win in the fight. The popular ones are the Ruble, Hulsay, Claret, Oasis.

Health and Diseases Health and Diseases 1. Consult your veterinarian for a program suited Chiks ng bayan your operation. There is no treatment for the disease. In case of an outbreak, the following measures could be adopted to minimized its further spread and effect control of the disease. Mycoplasma organism or pleuropneumonia like organism PPLO. Broad spectrum antibiotics, either by injection or mixed with feeds or drinking water.

Microscopic organisms called coccidian Eimeria species usually occurs in flocks below two months of age. Incorporation of coccidiostat in the feeds or drinking water. Chiks ng bayan of sulfa drugs. Most feed companies incorporate this in the feed mixture as indicated in the feed tags. Exposure to infected birds or to environment with existing virus, poultry nests and feeders. There is no known treatment for the disease.

Bites of mosquitoes, mechanically by blood transfer as in mass vaccination, caponization and injection. Control if mosquitoes within the premises and houses with effective insecticides, include spraying the breeding places of mosquitoes. Proper Chiks ng bayan of stagnant water.

Anti malarial drops like plasmochin, quinine hydrochloride and pyrimethamine combinations were found effective. Confer with the veterinarians. Management Management Housing Equipment Feeding troughs or feeders Feeders can be placed inside or along the front of cages.

When making feeders, consider the ease in cleaning and avoidance of feed spilage. Feed spilahe may be avoided by placing a metal or wooden strip along the inner mouth of the feed trough. Waterers To facilitate cleaning, the shape and size of the waterers should be semi circular, fairly wide and supported by an adjustable bracket to permit easier adjustment.

It may have a removal stopper at the drainage end to allow for easier cleaning For chicks, the waterers are usually one gallon plastic jars The most common waterers are the plastic waterers "Chiks ng bayan" they do not rust therefore they will last longer Backyard poultry raisers usually use bamboo waterers. They are cheap but there is a great tendency for slime lumot to develop and often times they do not last very long. They need constant changing. Portable Catching Panels This is usually made of either bamboo, wood or wire frames.

This device comes in handy during vaccination.