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Halo 4 castle dlc matchmaking


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In Majestic DLC matchmaking, assassinate an enemy who's in zoom mode. In Majestic DLC matchmaking, perform 5 'airsassinations. In Majestic DLC matchmaking, call in 3 ordnance drops during the same game. In Castle DLC matchmaking, disable a vehicle and then hijack it. In Castle DLC matchmaking, perform 5 melee kills in a single match. In Castle DLC matchmaking, destroy 2 vehicles during a single game.

In Castle DLC matchmaking, kill 5 enemies during a match by running them over. In matchmaking, assassinate the ball carrier within five meters of "Halo 4 castle dlc matchmaking" own goal in Ricochet.

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In matchmaking, score three times in one round of Ricochet. In matchmaking, score by throwing the ball from 30 meters in Ricochet.

In matchmaking, survive three vehicle explosions in a row with the Survivor package. In matchmaking, score a goal in Ricochet while taking damage with the Resistor active. In matchmaking, recover full shields from low health with both Resistor and Recharge active.

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In matchmaking, effectively camp one location without dying for a full 60 seconds. In matchmaking, get four consecutive kills with the Rocket Launcher without dying. Crimson Map Pack Add-on Release date: Majestic Map Pack Add-on Release date: Castle Map Pack Add-on Release date: Champions Title Update Title update Release date: Bullseye Pack Add-on Release date: Anyone need a player for commendation boosting?

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All remaining achievements unlocked automatically. Halo 4 - Achievement Flag submissions. Halo 4 DLC Boosting. Backwards compatible version not compatible with version?

Crimson Map Pack; Majestic Map...

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