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Is hookup cloud safe


This website states that their memberships are free but they ask for a valid credit card to activate your free account.

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Is hookup cloud safe this is all a scam and the full details of this are available below for you to read. You can read the full review on this site below. As a rule of thumb if a dating site asks for your credit card information to verify you are over 18 then you should probably run from that site. This website does just that, "Is hookup cloud safe" ask for your credit card to verify you are of legal age.

But this is not the real reason they want your credit card information. They want your credit card information so they can charge it to 2 different websites one is XXXPornCloud. Most people have their heads in the sand and are easily fooled. This is how this dating site is able to scam millions of dollars every year from men who are not paying attention to what is directly in front of them. We have included evidence below that shows the various charges that you receive circled in red. Many of the profiles on the dating service that have images that have been stolen from amateur porn sites, web cam sites and other sources off of the web.

We use reverse image software that is able to identify the exact location where's any image is hosted on the internet. This helps to identify if images are being used Is hookup cloud safe other sites and compare them to dating profile images found on HookupCloud.

Hookup Cloud main. If you...

We have included just two profiles with images found on other sites. The specific links where you can find those exact images on other sites are listed below.

You can find this exact same image here http: The profile found on HookupCloud. This girl is not a real member of HookupCloud.

Her images have been stolen and then used to create a fake profile. This exact same image can Is hookup cloud safe found on numerous web cam sites that are listed below:. Unfortunately it's impossible to identify which dating profiles are fake unless you use some sort of reverse image software such as the one we have been using to identify fictitious profiles. This leads to a real problem and basically there's no trust with this site.

If this site actually admits to creating fictitious profile, then how can we be sure any profiles on the site are legitimate? A dating site is a place where you go to meet women but if the dating site itself admits to creating fake profile, then there is absolutely no reason in becoming a member.


This page clearly details what an "Online Legate" is. They state the following:. Something else to be aware of is that a large portion of the email messages you receive on this site are completely fake.

This is part of the "Online Legate" program. The fake emails are used to trick free members into trying to reply back to the "Is hookup cloud safe" sending you the emails. When you do try to reply back you are asked to upgrade to a paid membership and supply them with your credit card information at which time you are billed to 2 different sites Is hookup cloud safe we mentioned above.

Any emails are sent automatically with no actual women sending you those emails. Using sophisticated computer software programs the website can make it appear as if you are receiving legitimate email from real girls, when the truth is the complete opposite. This website goes as far as employing people to pretend they are actual members of the site. This means they are actually paid to pretend they are female members that are looking to hookup with men, when the truth once again is the complete opposite.

In recent weeks, we have...

This is also discussed on their web site and you can find that information right here on this link. Once again they admit to this, and here is the sentence that proves it.

All the evidence speaks for itself, there is nothing else to say. You have all the information to make an informed decision. Then I asked for them unsubscribe but nothing, now 2 days later they took We have already done a full investigation and review of HookupCloud.

Do a revese image seach on Yandex and you'll probably see that image on a few other web site site. Not sure how they sleep at night. I followed a web-link, that I received from the dating website "Fling. My Bank Visa account representative in the U.