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Screenshot nudes


I don't blame you for being pissed.

When a couple exchange nudes each of them should respect the other person enough to know that those pics are for their eyes only. You trusted him when he said he would screenshot it, and you believed him. Screenshot nudes even if he hasn't shown it "Screenshot nudes" anyone else he breached your trust.

I would be ashamed If you send someone your nudes you have to expect something like that I am not sure if I believed him saying that he deleted them I would move on.

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This might resurface in the future in a bad way. If you continue with him Screenshot nudes things would become more serious re-surfacing would be way more devastating then now. Do not send nudes. He can have his eyeful when you meet. The incitement not to share will stop once your relation is over. You know what, you now have the licence to go "Floyd Mayweather" on him, although i would personally prefer going "".

Why did he screen shoot them? Was he planning on sharing them or for wallpaper? He most likely jist "Screenshot nudes" beat off in 3 minutes i doubt he'll show anyone. I will be looking for them on tumbler. I suggest moving on.

I got u nibbas.

That's a great reason to never send nudes, or Screenshot nudes take nude pictures. I guarantee that he still has them, and honestly, he's probably shared with his friends or put them online. Move on, and hopefully you've learned a lesson here. I say you learn from this and don't send nudes if you aren't okay with them being Screenshot nudes. That's just common sense.

Cuz if u cannot trust him with screenshots then u cannot Screenshot nudes him in life anyways! He screenshotted my nudes? So I sent the guy I am seeing a naked photograph on snapchat, he asked me if he could screenshot it and I said no. He said he wouldn't but did anyway.

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I'm obviously not very happy with him. He's said he's sorry and that he's deleted them.

screenshotting a nude pic

I'm currently ignoring his messages but was hoping for some views on the situation. Do I just say whatever and move on, or can I continue being mad. Should the husband go for it? Guys, do you love pantyhose? How do you feel about hookup culture? Why are black men Screenshot nudes much bigger and better in bed than white men but so bad as fathers and husband's than white men?

What "Screenshot nudes" Said He didn't delete them.

Just don't do it again. Damage is done already. Don't try to repair it.

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Continue being mad; that's an unacceptable breach of trust. What Girls Said 6.

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