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Sexual dysfunction or uncertainty meaning


Sexual maturation disorder is a disorder of anxiety or depression related to an uncertainty about one's gender identity or sexual orientation. Sexual orientationby itself, is not a disorder and is not classified under this heading.

Puberty usually occurs from the ages of 10 to 16 years of age and varies between boys and girls with girls normally starting earlier than boys Shiel, Stoppler During the time of puberty is when sexual maturation starts to occur. Numerous physical changes happen during the period of puberty. Girls start to develop breasts, have growth of pubic hair and eventually begin having menstrual cycles. Boys have an enlargement of testicles and penis, growth of pubic hair, deepened voices and muscular development.

Along with physical changes during puberty there are many mental changes happening. During the adolescence stage of life, boys and girls start developing thoughts related to sexual identity and start to explore and experiment with sexual behaviors. This is a timeframe that can possibly become confusing for the youth going through this stage of adolescence.

Feelings Sexual dysfunction or uncertainty meaning frustration, anxiety or depression may occur. This could be the first signs of disorder during sexual maturation. Sexual maturity is a natural progression during the pubertal stages of adolescence.

It is the timeframe where youth explore and experience sexual thoughts, situations and behaviors which ultimately lead to the identification of their gender and sexual orientation. During this timeframe abnormal feelings and thoughts can affect the progression of maturity. These "Sexual dysfunction or uncertainty meaning" occurrences would be identified as sexual maturation disorder. Gender identity on the surface would appear easily explained. Most of society is born with either male or female genitalia which make it easy to identify a person as male or female physically.

Where confusion comes into play is Sexual dysfunction or uncertainty meaning a person has the genitalia of either a male or female, but emotionally and mentally feel that they are of the opposite gender.

Society refers to someone who experiences this internal contradiction as a transgender. Children and adolescents who develop this often show behavioral characteristics attributed to the opposite sex, and in some cases claim to belong to that gender.

Each person with gender identity disorder is different, and it has various levels of severity. They may prefer to associate with peers of the opposite sex, can cross-dress, and may prefer games and activities that are typically accredited to the opposite sex. A person dealing with gender identity confusion may or may not have confused emotions about sexual orientation.

Sexual orientation is normally developed after a person has an understanding of their gendered self. A person can experience abnormal feelings with both sexual orientation and gender identity or only one of the two.

This means that a biological male who is experiencing gender identity issues feels like a female internally can still be attracted to a female, which would be considered normal sexual orientation for a male. If that same male was attracted to a male, he would be considered abnormal with both his gender Sexual dysfunction or uncertainty meaning and sexual orientation.

This can be applied to either gender or their sexual orientation. Sexual maturity can be affected by both gender identity and sexual orientation and can ultimately lead to disorder causing heightened anxiety or depression.

As the disorder progresses in life, it can increase in severity, and cause other behaviors or actions in late adolescence and Sexual dysfunction or uncertainty meaning. This can cause severe conflict for the individual living in a society which endorses and enforces adherence to strict gender roles.

This can lead these individuals to engage in behavior that displaces their emotions.