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Last week was one of the epic adventures of my life! It turned out to be pretty fucking awesome! A word to all you craigslist-bashers: My love affair with craigslist continues unabated after this last adventure!! He also put us all up for free in his condo in nearby Spearfish. But still, he could have turned out to be a real psycho. I had no idea what to expect from this adventure.

At the last minute, I also threw a toy riding crop in my suitcase. Thankfully, one of the other models had bailed out at the last minute, Sturgis nude pics Mr. Anyway, all six of us models flew out of Vegas on Friday afternoon, August 2nd, on cheapo Allegiant Airways — Sturgis nude pics only have two flights a week to Rapid City, South Dakota, so that flight was chock-a-block with hookers and hustlers and every other Vegas bimbo who wanted a piece of the action. Sturgis is legendary in that respect!!

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The other girls, not so much. It was already dark by the time we got there, but it was still cool Sturgis nude pics hell — full of patriotic shtick and Griswold Family vacationers and whatnot.

Now, four of the girls had been hired on Sturgis nude pics a local modeling agency to work as bikini bike wash girls and promo models…but Blondie and I had been hired on as waitresses at a local saloon, independent of the agency.

He ended up ferrying the bikini bike wash girls into town at 9am, and then me and Blondie at noon. Poor Craig had to come pick us up at 1am every night, and it was really wearing on him, you could tell. Sturgis nude pics of the other girls had a urinary tract infection, and was thinking of bailing Sturgis nude pics to go home.

And the other girl was complaining about her promo modeling shifts. Besides all of that, they were basically slobs, and. Blondie and I were pretty quiet and kept to ourselves — we were working most of the time, anyway.

But the others were there to party — even though that was the one thing Craig insisted we not do. Well, sure enough, it was bound to happen and it did — a couple of the other girls ended up meeting some stupid skeevy biker punks, getting drunk, and going for a ride.

When Craig found out, he went ballistic!!! It was actually awkward as fuck — he picked the other girls up the same time as Blondie and me, at the end of our shift at 1am, and then really lit into them on the ride home. Me and Blondie sat there pretending not to listen as he tore them new assholes and ended up evicting them from his condo the next day. They all went to stay with the lady who ran the modeling agency after that, so now it was just Blondie and Craig and me.

We actually ended up getting along really well and having a ton of fun — well, at least I did. For the rest of the week, our days went like this: Up around 10am, shower and coffee and get ready.

Leave for Sturgis nude pics around noon, then work from 1pm-1am solid. Come home around 1: But work is what I came to do, and besides…. The first day we went in, I dressed fairly conservatively. Craig had mentioned that the owner of this particular saloon was on the conservative side, and besides, Blondie who has worked a LOT of biker gigs said in her experience, bikers appreciated Sturgis nude pics gal who was more modestly dressed — all innocent-like, ya know?

I mean, there are already so many half-naked biker bitches running around with their tits flopping willy-nilly, that a wholesome girl is more appreciated.

The other cocktail waitress had on a slutty nun costume, and the bartenders were all wearing lingerie and stuff, so after about an hour I went into the bathroom and changed into some pleather panties.

Now, I was basically wearing a black pleather bikini, cowgirl hat and Frankenstripper boots. My job was different — I was the shot girl, so my gig was to carry a tray of Wet Pussies or Mustache Rides or some other Sturgis nude pics mixed-alcohol shots around, and try to sell them to the already drunken revelers.

In addition, the owner of the bar had a HUGE backstock of those stupid pre-packaged Tooters shots that come in luridly colored test tubes, and are full of shit like Appletini and Berry Punch liqueur.

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But he wanted me to sell the shit out of them, to all these burly bikers: I ended up putting together a winning ensemble of Sturgis nude pics hat, pleather bra, scrunch-butt panties and assless chaps over Frankenhooker boots…which along with my riding crop gave me the appearance of.

There was just enough asscrack showing to make a pleasant tip slot, and boy did I ever make some tips! I made a LOT of money this way. Alas, it also caused me to literally flush money down the toilet — one dollar bill had accidentally gotten stuck to my asscheek with sweat, and when I went pee Sturgis nude pics fell into the toilet bowl and I noticed it too late: It was worse than the porn expo — literally every time you turned around, there were 5 old men with the DTs, flip phones wavering in the direction of your ass, trying to take a grainy shitty photo of it for their personal collection.

Aside from tip-hustling, I did sell an ass-ton of shots. Let me tell you, those fucking bikers really know how to party!! I guess a lot of guys save their money all year long to come to Sturgis, which is like the Vegas Sturgis nude pics the Midwest for that one week a year. The streets are choked with bikers: But even better, from. I saw farm bitches beating Sturgis nude pics shit out of each other, big fat good ole boys pounding one another, and scary ropey meth-addled tattoo freaks going at it in that ring.

Then, after the fight was over, the throngs of drunken whackos in. This one drunken redneck told me to whip his friend, so I did — but when the friend turned to look at me with a delighted grin, I saw that the whole right side of his face was swollen up from being punched — he was one of the fighters!

I thought Vegas was a party town; I stand corrected. But another guy eyeballed my Alabama Slamma Tooters suspiciously: She made me standard stuff like Redheaded Sluts cranberry and Crown Royal and Kamikazes, but also some far-out weird shit like this green drink called a Mustache Ride, which was kinda hard to sell to bikers: I had to get Sturgis nude pics creative with some of the shit they had me sell.

Or a drink called a Chuck Norris??! Are these redneck drinks, or what?!?!?!

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Either way, the later it got, the Sturgis nude pics wasted everyone got, and we made our best money between the hours of 10pm-1am. By that time, it was just ridiculous how completely shitfaced blotto these fuckers were — swaying to and fro on the dancefloor, tits a-flopping, eyes closed in a sort of alcohol-induced reverie.

Of course, the drunker they got, they more guys hit on us. This one old man in particular took a shine to me, buying many shots off my tray and sticking many dollars in my asscrack, all while showing me photos of his multi-million-dollar ranch up in some godforsaken mining Sturgis nude pics in North Dakota.

He showed me photos of his toy hauler, his pontoon boat, and photos of each one of his bazillion quarter horses, along with helpful biographical commentary on each of them.

So, Sturgis nude pics can see why it was such exhausting work: It was no wonder all we had the energy to do was fall into bed at the end of the night. About halfway through the week the stress got to me, and I got pretty sick with a sore throat and fever and whatnot.

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Thank dog there was a grocery store right across the street, so I was able to stock up on orange Sturgis nude pics and Vitamin C and stuff, and I eventually got better. Right here in this red bag! Come to find out…she was in jail!!!! By the eighth and final day of our gig, we were totally exhausted — physically and mentally. We had heard that on the last day of the rally, most of the bikers would already be headed out of town, and the crowd in the saloon would mostly be locals…so we expected it to be kind of a slow night, like in Vegas whenever cheap-ass locals come out.

They drank and partied "Sturgis nude pics" harder than the out-of-towners, and were very generous with their tips, too — although not many bothered to stick them in my ass.

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The feeling of drunken camaraderie in there was Sturgis nude pics. In fact, I witnessed not one single fight the entire week I was there except the MMA ones and I saw a fair number of black bikers, lesbians, Indians, and even a gay biker on a leopard-print bike.

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