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For most of us, wedgies are the reserve of nerdy childhoods and bullying brothers, intent on causing you pain and embarrassment by pulling your underwear up so it digs right in between your bum Wedgie girl sexy. Wedgie fetishes have strong ties to the BDSM community, offering a form of domination over the person getting wedgied. For Martin, known as Bullied Nerd or wedgievictim on his Twitter account dedicated to wedgies, wedgies became sexual when he was in his teens, after years of being bullied when he was much younger.

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I just remember these two boys grabbing me and giving me a wedgie. Later on Martin experienced more bullying, which he believes formed the sexual pleasure he gets from ritual humiliation from dominant partners.

Humiliation meaning being seen by others, preferably in a public place or being posted online. His Twitter is dedicated to sharing videos, pictures, and artwork Wedgie girl sexy wedgies. Some clips are from porn actresses, deliberately appealing to the wedgie fetish, while others are innocent clips of wedgies jokingly posted by friends and family, that are now being spread across the internet and sexualised.

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Mainstream porn providers are offering plenty of wedgiecentric options, too, and the amount of people watching these videos shows wedgie fetishes are more than just a tiny niche. The most popular wedgie-related searches focus on women being wedgied, often in lesbian set-ups, along with domination and punishment. But then there are clips of people violently yanked up by their underwear, left hanging from hooks, and begging Wedgie girl sexy be let down.

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The majority of those who identify as having a wedgie fetish also have ties to BDSM, so this makes sense. Cinnamon, in her mid-thirties, regularly gets tagged in wedgie challenges, and has shared plenty of pictures and videos of herself being wedgied for WedgieWednesday.

Mistress decided she wanted my cheeks more exposed, I guess. The community of wedgie-lovers is fairly close-knit and supportive. Those within the wedgie fetish family simply want to be able to share their fetish on social media platforms, meet other people who share their love for wedgies, and have free rein to do the wedgie challenges that have become a massive part of their usage of social media.

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