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Getting laid in las vegas


A lot of Game is about logistics and Vegas is no different. Just the way it is. Planning in advance gets you better rates on travel sites etc. Nothing will cockblock you more than a nun on Sunday, than pulling a sexy girl or two back to your room and not having alcohol and mixers.

Sometimes they need to quiet that hamster and alcohol always does the job.

If you want to get...

Get a bottle of Vodka, a bottle of Whiskey and some Coke and Sprite from the gift shop in your hotel. If you really want to save money, then when your cab picks you up from the airport have them take you by a gas station on the way to the hotel.

Unless your crew has the money to "Getting laid in las vegas" thousands on bottle service at top clubs, avoid Getting laid in las vegas the plague rolling with more than one other wingman. It will cockblock the fuck out of you. Roll out with your wingman around 9pm, to one of the hotel bars such as Bond Bar at Cosmo. Get some drinks and post up. Ease into the evening shooting the shit with your buddy, then around This will get you ready to rock when you hit the club around midnight. The only real negative of hotel bars is they tend to be inundated with escorts.

Lighten up, plaster a smile on your face, and have some fucking fun!

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