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Why does my relationship feel empty


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In a relationship but feeling empty… May 31, I have feelings for him and know that he does for me too. However, I often feel shallow and full of doubts about our relationship. The first reason is that I cannot share a lot of my interests and ideas with him. I have a strong intellectual side.

You feel empty — because...

I like to read, discuss ideas, and learn stuff. My boyfriend is only interested in discussing gadgets, fashion, sports, and computers. I have Why does my relationship feel empty found out that some of his opinions are quite conservative and it bothers me because I am very liberal. This also makes me feel that I am not completely honest about my work. I often feel that if my friends and colleagues knew my boyfriend better they would question my commitment to the causes I support in my work as a journalist.

However, what bothers me the most about him are his general unemotional, moody and cold ways. Because conversations with him are often shallow and impersonal, I find it very hard to open to him about more Why does my relationship feel empty stuff.

I also notice that when I do make an effort to open up he is not very responsive. For example, some months ago my sister had a very serious problem. I was feeling very bad but I found it impossible to talk with complete openness with him.

Mainly because I feel that he is very judgmental of people and also because I am not sure if he would keep this information to himself in the future.

Possibly because you have depression...

Afterwards, he never asked me how things were going. For instance, when I tell him that I am working on a piece, he never asks what it is about. I also worry about his potential attitude to my family. There are cultural differences between us but much more between my family and him. I am not sure if he would be sensitive enough to be accepting about them. I would really like to settle down and have a family but he is ambiguous about it.

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