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Polysexual pride flags and color meanings


Labrys Lesbian and lesbian feminist. Bisexual double-moon for those who wish to avoid use of triangles. The use of moons is thought to have a link to the expression "It's just a phase", which is often said to non-heterosexual persons in general to dismiss their sexuality as being transitional.

One version of a heterosexuality symbol. Agender or genderless as circle without either arrow or cross; can also mean asexual if interpreted as black ring.

Altered free copyright version of symbol similar to BDSM emblem. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

All of the flags you...

Flags representing sexual identities or orientations. Banderas que representan identidades u orientaciones sexuales. Bendera yang merepresentasikan identitas atau orientasi seksual. Some asexuals wear a black ring on the middle finger of the right hand.

The LGBT community has adopted...

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