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Sexual and reproductive health education curriculum


March Meeting is coming up, and so is PreMarch Meeting: The focus of this workshop is to advance the development of a network of safe abortion advocates within the federation. Are you interested in knowing more, please check this amazing PreMM Booklet and the link to apply. We would be honored if you decided to join us and visit us here in Egypt. We need amazing IPET trainers to be part of our next pre winter-camp.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Education...

The opportunity to engage internationally and start transnational projects. Hope you al had a nice beggining of and that all your wishes come true!

Hosting a SXC you get loads of new knowledge about different cultures, their differences and similarities and this can take you to understand how diverse Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights challenges are around the world and get new ideas on how to tackle them! If you're planning on submitting a proposal, that's the OLM for you! How do I join? By sending an email to Sexual and reproductive health education curriculum. We hope you enjoy! SCORA X Changes are the opportunity to discover other points of view, to explore new perspectives, have loads of mindblowing moments and get back home changed looking for new horizons!

You'll find here all the relevant information and the form to apply: December 25th In case you never heard of SXC, check out here: That's why we're writting you all to keep you uptaded of everything that will be going on in the next few weeks:.

You'll get the link to the call and more information soon both in the email and facebook. There you can get an insight of everything related to SXC.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Education...

Also, feel free to reach out at ga. Applications will open in mid february! Also, any member can ammend them till the 1st of february.

More information will come soon. For any other question or comment, specially the ones considering submitting a proposal, feel free to reach to me anytime! Avsnitt på den här sidan.

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