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Campus Sex in the Digital Age Winter Course Description This class will explore how the cell phone has impacted hooking up and dating at college, with particular attention to Washington and Lee University as a case study. We will discuss the development of campus sexual culture in America and the "Washington and lee hookup culture" of digital technology on student sociality. Students will use open source digital research tools to analyze data interviews, focus groups, and statistics collected by Professor Goluboff in Fall about dating and hookup behavior at our college.

As a digital humanities project, students will work in groups to post their analyses on the class WordPress site. As a result of class discussions and research, students should be able to answer and debate the following important issues: What are the most pertinent feminist, anthropological, and sociological theories to help explain these concepts? What are the benefits of, and drawbacks to, such techniques?

Texts for the Course All reading for the course will be posted on Sakai. Class Organization We will have two different types of meetings during this course. First, on the days that readings are due, class will be run as a seminar, organized around thematic discussions of the texts.

My role is to guide class sessions and help you to understand the major points and theoretical issues. Your participation is crucial. You must have all the readings done on time. At times, you will be responsible for leading discussion about a certain reading, and when it is not your turn, you will be expected to raise important and insightful issues.

To help Washington and lee hookup culture accomplish these objectives, each discussion leader will write up the following: When you are not discussion leader, you will bring in one question about any of the day's assignments. Please bring two copies -- one for you, and one for me to collect at the beginning of class. These questions will count toward your participation grade. All questions must be typed. Second, on most Wednesdays, we will have a "Digital Project Research" lab day in which you will work in their research groups to digitally analyze the interviews and focus group data collected in We will be using Voyant Tools online for our textual analysis.

Please bring your laptop to class on those days. The plan is to use different digital resourses within Voyant for the data sets. When posting your analysis on the class WordPress site, you will also incorporate any theoretical and comparative empirical points discussed in the weekly readings.

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For help with WordPress, please contact Brandon at bucyb wlu. For help with Voyant, please contact Jason at mickelj wlu. We will have a "technology etiquette" discussion on the first day of class to agree on proper use of computers and other digital media during Washington and lee hookup culture meetings. Research Requirements Students will work in research groups to analyze the data throughout the semester.

Each group is responsible for posting their work on the class' Wordpress site: Group members will share the following tasks: If particular students do not contribute equally to the group work, this will negatively impact the group project score, as well as the class participation grade of those individual students. At the end of the term, students will present their final group web product to the rest of the class by leading the class through their part of the website.

Finalized WordPress contributions are due on presentation day.

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On the last day of class, students will turn in an individually written response paper about their experiences with reading and research. Your paper will include the following: Specifications for Written Work Assignment evaluation: Your work will be evaluated on the following criteria: All assignments must be typed unless otherwise noted.

Students must notify me at least one week in advance if they are requesting to turn in an assignment late. For instance, a B paper turned in 1 Washington and lee hookup culture late becomes a B.

No exceptions without an infirmary excuse or a letter from the Dean. A computer problem does not make a legitimate excuse for lateness.

Keep a hard copy of every assignment.

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If I should misplace an assignment, I will require students to give me another copy immediately upon request. Grammar, spelling, and style count. If you need guidance, click here to access my website on grammar tips. Class Participation Class participation includes actively taking part in class discussions, consistently fulfilling the role as discussion leader, turning in reading questions on time, possible quiz grades, and working "Washington and lee hookup culture," consistently, and enthusiastically in your research group so that all the work is distributed evenly among members.

Grading Grades will be posted on Sakai as we move through the course. They will be based on the following points:. Class Participation attendance, partaking in class discussion, daily questions, discussion leadership, working well within groups, possible quizzes. Group Posts Each group will do six digital analyzes and post them on WordPress. Members of each group will be graded the same. Here is the breakdown of points: First set of interview transcripts all female - points Second set of interview transcripts all male - points All-male heterosexual focus group - points All-female heterosexual focus group - points All-male homosexual focus group - 50 points Statistics for this analysis, students will not use a digital tool, but instead they will compare these numbers to the interview and focus group information - 50 points.

How to Succeed in this Course 1. Read all the materials on time. Be prepared to participate Washington and lee hookup culture class, and participate often. Take the discussion leader position seriously. Take advantage of office hours to consult about your assignments. Working fairly, consistently, and enthusiastically in your research group so that all the work is distributed evenly among members. Introduction to the Course. College and American Culture.

Sex, Brotherhood, and Privilege on Campus.

Digital Project Research Group digital analysis of the first set of interview transcripts all females. Fraternities and Campus Party Culture 1. Rashawn Ray and Jason A. Rosow"Getting off and Getting Intimate: Kiesling"Playing the Straight Man: Displaying and Maintaining Male Heterosexuality in Discourse. Eyes on the Guys" in Guyland: The Hookup Scene Kathleen A. Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus. The Double Standard 1.

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