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On April 6,customers in search of sexual services on massive ad marketplace Backpage. The website company has been accused of not only knowingly advertising sexual services, but also of turning a blind eye to the sexual exploitation of women and children.

In all, the U.

Department of Justice DoJ has charged seven individuals in a count federal indictment for facilitation of prostitution and money laundering. The seizure of Backpage. The legislation allows state prosecutors to levy charges against individual websites without relying on the intervention of federal law enforcement.

It also ensures that trafficking victims who were advertised on such websites can sue the websites that profited from their exploitation. With the combination of the Backpage.

One of the biggest victories of the Backpage. According to Spectre, over the past several months there has been a marked downward shift in the online sex market, with an analysis of North America showing a 62 percent reduction in sex advertising online.

Spectre found that nationwide, these ads dropped from approximately 2, in March to 1, ads in April—and many of these remaining ads are duplicates. Prior to the closure of Backpage. Their job was made even more difficult by the efforts of Backpage.

Buyers are also feeling the haystack effect. Previously anonymous because of the crowded marketplace, they can no "Backpage long branch nj" easily hide from law enforcement—and this fear of discovery Backpage long branch nj to have depressed demand. In attempts to fight trafficking, the New York Police Department Human Trafficking Team has operated a demand deterrence program where they posted fake ads every day and recorded the number of responses.

The Backpage long branch nj decline in the online sex trafficking market also seems to have created conditions where sex trafficking victims are coming forward for services.

In his research, Spectre found that "all victims' groups are reporting increases in self-referrals with some shelters indicating in the immediate aftermath that demand [for services] doubled. Beds have always been scarce in every American market—now LE [law enforcement] agencies are reporting they are almost impossible to find.

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While the dramatic decline in online sex ads is a remarkable Backpage long branch nj, the change in online slave markets will require law Backpage long branch nj and NGOs to adapt to effectively continue the fight against "Backpage long branch nj" trafficking.

For example, the seizure of Backpage. Some more daring sex service websites are now competing fiercely for customers and finding ways to attract more traffic onto their sites by duplicating ads and soliciting first time buyers.

Monitoring efforts by law enforcement that were previously focused on Backpage. Analyzing data collected from a diffuse market rather than a centralized one makes the process even more difficult—but not impossible. Since April, Memex, TraffickJam, and Spotlight have been updating their law enforcement tools to be effective in a post-Backpage.

Companies also are finding creative ways to manage the new risks of selling sex online. Some online website companies that profit from prostitution and trafficking are moving offshore to reduce the risk of government interference, to continue their connections with their current customers, and to extend their reach Backpage long branch nj new customers.

Such offshoring makes it more difficult—but not impossible—for U. Experts are also watching for any other unintended side effects of the Backpage.

For example, law enforcement agencies in Riverside County, CA, report that prostituted individuals are forced by their pimps or traffickers to meet the same quota as they were when they were advertising online, putting them in an even more dangerous situation as they are forced to Backpage long branch nj on the streets, private residences, and at truck stops.

Adapting to these new challenges in the United States may require action from Congress, including funding to properly equip law enforcement agencies with efficient monitoring tools and dedicated staff to use those tools; promotion of cooperation and information-sharing among law enforcement agencies, non-profit organizations, and governments at the local, regional, and federal level; and demand reduction through preventative action and prosecution of buyers and traffickers. Backpage long branch nj many companies are offshoring their business in fear of being sued by trafficking victims or prosecutors in the United States, other OSCE participating States must be vigilant to ensure that their State—and population—do not become the Backpage long branch nj victims of exploitative websites.

Inthe OSCE Ministerial Council called on participating States to hold accountable those who misuse the Internet Communication Technologies to knowingly or recklessly facilitate access to children for sexual exploitation or child trafficking—such as by advertising children on websites—highlighting that such individuals should be prosecuted as traffickers.

Senator Ben Cardin D-Md. State and local law enforcement must respect the First Amendment rights of citizens to peaceably assemble, and the rights of the press to report this story. I call upon all Americans — even those who disagree with the grand jury decision — to respect the role of our jury system and the independence of the courts in deciding legal questions.

For a more permanent fix, Congress should take up and pass my legislation, the End Racial Profiling Act. There were an unprecedented 82 side events on specific countries or issues. Other specific topics for HDIM sessions included violence against women, rights of migrants and right of national minorities. Helsinki Commission, today announced the joint appointments of Stacy L.

Hope, a seasoned communicator specializing in international issues, joins the Helsinki Commission from Delegation of the European Union in Washington, where she counseled senior EU officials on strategic communications and public diplomacy programs. Hurd, previously with World Vision, has spent his career focusing on international humanitarian and human rights crises, including those resulting from religious persecution. Hurd has interviewed and spent time with many survivors of violence — in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Sudan — who were forced to flee from their homes and seek refuge in other countries as refugees or were internally displaced in their own.

From September October 3, civil society and government representatives of OSCE participating States will gather in Warsaw, Poland, for the annual Human Dimension Implementation Meeting to discuss compliance with the full range of OSCE human dimension commitments, with special focus on migrant rights, minority issues, and combating violence against women and children.

I expect this will be a major focus of the meeting, as well as Russian actions at home that are cynically rolling back the ability of civil society to comment on or contribute to how that country functions," said Chairman Cardin.

Delegation at this critical time.

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The promises OSCE states made to one another almost 25 years ago, that respect for human rights within any country is a matter of concern for all states, has guided us and must continue to do so. I also welcome the leadership of the U. The OSCE must also continue to combat trafficking in human beings, including through fulfilling commitments taken last year to train transportation workers to identify possible victims and to improve law enforcement information sharing internationally on potential sex tourists.

Commitments are made to be kept. We must provide Ukrainians with the military capabilities they need to protect their country and fulfill the promise of the Maidan. Full text of the letter can be found below. The Ukrainian military is struggling to defend its sovereignty against insurgents armed and trained by Russia and needs to possess the Backpage long branch nj capabilities to defeat the separatists, deter Russian aggression, and restore stability to the Backpage long branch nj.

Until stability is "Backpage long branch nj," the democratically elected government of Ukraine will be unable to continue on the path of reform and modernization that the United States has encouraged it to follow.

The United States has been instrumental in delivering vital economic and political assistance. Backpage long branch nj appreciate your work in helping to provide this assistance. However, the crucial political and economic reform goals this previously approved aid is designed to help meet will not be possible if the government of Ukraine is unable to defeat the separatists, deter foreign aggression, and maintain law and order over all areas of the country.

We are concerned, however, that the level of military support the United States has provided to date is insufficient to providing the Ukrainian military with the capabilities it needs to secure its borders and deter future aggression. The Ukrainian military needs more sophisticated equipment to succeed in its mission and preserve the great strides Ukraine has made since the Maidan uprising.

We believe that a variety of non-lethal systems such as advanced communications equipment, night-vision goggles, navigation equipment, and body armor as well as defensive military weapons would provide Ukrainian forces with the capabilities they need to restore order and discourage further foreign interference.

We understand that both the Departments of State and Defense continue to coordinate with, assess needed capabilities of, and field requests from the Ukrainian security forces. We would like to better understand what steps have been taken to provide assistance to the Ukrainian military and immediate plans to expand that support. Specifically, what military capabilities has the government of Ukraine requested?

Of these capabilities, what has your administration authorized to be provided to Ukraine, and what specific capabilities have been delivered to date? Additionally, what is your overall strategy to carry out the requirements set forth in Sec.

The people of Ukraine have chosen a more democratic, transparent, and inclusive future for their country and the United States has pledged to support them in their hour of need. Honoring this commitment means providing the assistance necessary to help Ukraine develop the full range of economic, political, and military tools it needs to fulfill this hopeful vision. We urge you to support more robust assistance to Ukraine. Helsinki Commission announced the following hearing: Sincethree Personal Representatives have been Backpage long branch nj annually by the OSCE Chair-in-Office currently Switzerland to address anti-Semitism; racism, xenophobia, and discrimination including against Christians and members of other religions; and intolerance and discrimination against Muslims.

In an official joint visit to the United States, the Personal Representatives will address progress and ongoing challenges in the OSCE region a decade after the creation of their positions. The following witnesses are scheduled to testify: Helsinki Commissionvisited Georgia, Azerbaijan and Moldova. is the best backpage...

Key among the U. Upon passage of the resolution by a 3 to 1 margin, Cardin stated: We must speak up in the strongest possible way and hold Russia accountable for its destabilizing actions and that is what we did here.

Senator Wicker also participated in a dialogue with fellow parliamentarians on OSCE engagement with partner country Afghanistan. On July 2 the meeting concluded with the adoption of the Baku Declaration, containing broad policy recommendations for the OSCE and its 57 participating States in the fields of political affairs and military security, trade, the environment and human rights. While in Azerbaijan, the delegation also held bilateral meetings with the Government of Azerbaijan, including meeting with President Ilham Aliyev as well as representatives of civil society fighting for media freedom, rule of law and disability rights in Azerbaijan.

Backpage long branch nj Moldova, the delegation met with the Prime Minister and key political leaders across the spectrum on the day the national parliament ratified an historic agreement with the European Union.

The delegation also held consultations with the leadership of the OSCE Mission to Moldova, representatives Backpage long branch nj civil society, and the U. Not only did he open doors in the diplomatic service for African-Americans and other minorities, but he also fought for the rights of Afro-descendant and other minority groups abroad.

I hope others will join me in continuing the legacy of his work by supporting greater equality, diversity, and inclusion in our diplomatic workforce and societies across the globe. The hearing addressed security, economic, and human rights dimensions of U. Helsinki Commission Chairman Benjamin Cardin opened the hearing by speaking to these three dimensions. Regarding human rights, there are several concerns.

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Azerbaijan's presidential elections fell short of international standards and there are several individuals who have been harassed and detained because of their desire to report on events in Azerbaijan, raising concerns about freedom of the media.

Department of State, Thomas O.

Cardin was joined by U. Senators Richard Blumenthal D-Conn. Representatives Louise Slaughter D-N. We believe this is a crucial step in reestablishing a deterrent against further Russian aggression and strengthening the impact Backpage long branch nj our targeted economic sanctions against Russia.

As you are aware, two decades ago the Partnership for Peace program was implemented to foster trust between NATO member countries and the member states of the former Soviet Union, and to acknowledge a shared political commitment to creating lasting and inclusive peace in the Euro-Atlantic area.

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