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Cardinal schonborn homosexuality


The Internet has been abuzz with reports that Cardinal Christoph Schonborn of Vienna, Austria has made some rather unusual statements.

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The one that has been getting the biggest headlines is that he criticized explicitly or implicitly, accounts seem to differ Cardinal Angelo Sodano, accusing him of blocking an investigation Cardinal schonborn homosexuality Viennese Cardinal Hans Hermann Groer in the s, when then-Cardinal Ratzinger wanted to initiate an investigation regarding allegations that Groer had committed sexual abuse.

Read about Groer here.

Instead of a morality based on duty, we should work towards a morality based on happiness, he continued. If the good Cardinal is being accurately Cardinal schonborn homosexuality by The Tablet then something is very definitely wrong. We therefore have to watch out for possible translation issues. Second, the facts of the whole situation are unclear.

Cardinal Schönborn during last Synod...

Precisely what day did it happen? Was it a press conference, an interview, or some kind of informal get-together? Was it to Austrian press editors or reporters? LifeSiteNews is even reporting that he made his remarks to The Tablet. All we have to go on Cardinal schonborn homosexuality press summaries and partial quotations, and we all know how reliable those can be.

Context and exact quotations are important. They are not imposed from without.

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Rather, they are based on human nature and are designed—as John Paul II said in Veritatis Splendor—to bring us happiness and human fulfillment. The country is so secularized and the situation so pastorally fragile that one could cut the cardinal archbishop of Vienna some slack for expressing himself in ways that sound different than how he might express himself in areas where adherence to the faith is more Cardinal schonborn homosexuality just as Paul complimented the religiosity of the pagan Athenians at the Aeropagus as a prelude to preaching the gospel of Christ; Acts What does many people not marrying any more have to do with that?

The sheer inexplicability of this makes me wonder if there is important stuff being deleted. It would seem not, if the second assertion is an accurate, in-context quotation.

It seems to me that a person who is promiscuous has a greater chance of burning out and realizing the emptiness and the intrinsic disorder of the homosexual lifestyle than a person who stably and peacefully cohabits with the same homosexual partner for many decades, creating the illusion of a loving—as opposed to an obviously exploitative —relationship. But it should by no Cardinal schonborn homosexuality go without notice that Cardinal Schonborn has said and done things in the past that are, at a minimum, quite eye-opening here is his Wikipedia pagewith the understood limitations of such pages.

There could be press misreporting, there could be misstatements or problematic statements by Cardinal Schonborn, or both. There is no longer a rational constraint on the ability of news agencies to provide us with transcripts, Cardinal schonborn homosexuality at least audio or visual recordings, of what newsmakers say—complete and thus in context.

Jimmy was born in Texas, grew up nominally Protestant, but at age 20 experienced a profound conversion to Christ. Planning on becoming a Protestant pastor or seminary professor, he started an intensive study of the Bible.

But the more he immersed himself in Scripture the more he found to support the Catholic faith.

September 19, (LifeSiteNews) – Austrian...

Eventually, he entered the Catholic Church. According to The Tablet: But how far does this kind of explanation go? A bunch of iPhone apps exist for this purpose.

Questioned on the Church's attitude...

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