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How long after breakup should you start hookup


Please take a few seconds to create your free account to post threads, make some friends, remove a few ads while surfing and much more. ClutchFans has been bringing fans together to talk Houston Sports since How long do most wait after a breakup before having sex with someone new? Apr 22, Messages: Ill give you my take May 6, Messages: Nov 8, Messages: Depends if you have a backup.

ClutchJul 24, Aug 3, Messages: Jun 11, Messages: Apr 24, Messages: Well, since the thread has started catching on long story short Been in a 5 year relationship Madly in love, still love her, etc Broke up because of religion, family compatibility issues I initially didnt wanna get How long after breakup should you start hookup a serious relationship with her.

And she didnt eiter. Then she really started liking me, and my feelings started growing too.

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Eventually topic of getting hitched came up, but I didnt think that a Christian and Hindu relationship would work. She became sad, and over time accepted the truth.

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Eventually my relationship with my folks soured being with this chick, and I was ready to leave them for her. She now feels that she really wants someone in her own religion and that she didnt want to be in a relationship where she wouldnt be able to talk civil-ly with my folks. Break up happened in mid June, we hooked up, but both of us were still heartbroken that we couldnt make this work. Enter new dude that works. Now here is the end of July, and we still kinda talk every day I say "lets get back together and figure things out.

Shouldnt have done this Bottom line is that Ive kinda expected her to move on I really loved this girl, and was quite frankly ready to leave my folks for her I know she'll probably hook up Sep 1, Messages: May 25, Messages: Well, some partners are more aware of others' feelings.

She probably just thinks that if you're both "free" then it's just as easy for you to meet someone as it is How long after breakup should you start hookup her.

That's obviously not always the case and can feel like a real punch in the gut -- a sense of worthlessness -- if the other party gets the opportunity and you don't. Jealousy may play a factor, but that really isn't the full feeling. I'm in sort of a similar situation with a chick who I presumed, at first, was just a hookup, but she's now madly in love with me. Realistically, though, I don't see it lasting I'm always "How long after breakup should you start hookup" long term thinker, even if it means I may be shooting myself in the footmainly for geographic and religious reasons.

Geography can be overcome. Of course religion only really factors when it comes to children, which I'm sure you're aware of.

My question would be: Has that been discussed? I'm perfectly fine giving my religious beliefs up if the other party is. Oh and to answer your initial question If she is going out and mingling, then you should too.

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