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Men with panty fetish


You'll be surprised how many people have weird fetishes. Yes, this is completely normal.

It is normal I'm a guy and love wearing them. Love when my women says put on your panties gets me very excited. Men tend to eroticize and fetishize everything distinctive of women: While it's uncommon for a man to have a particular fetish, having SOME fetish is very common.

I get asked alot about...

A panty fetish is pretty vanilla. In fact, I have a slight panty fetish. I say slight because they don't appeal to me much on their own, so I wouldn't buy them or keep them around. Even so, I enjoy a woman who wears them as part of teasing me, or uses her silk and satin panties like gloves as she Men with panty fetish my cock, or wears them while grinding me in the lap dance sense until Men with panty fetish dirty them, or have rough sex that makes her moan so much that I silence her by pushing her panties into her mouth.

If you have no problem with the fetish and I see no reason why you shouldbut you have a problem with panties of questionable origin a valid concernthen explain in a calm and loving voice that you want to indulge his fetish and drive him wild, but panties of questionable origins concern you.

Present the same situation in reverse: This will make him emphathize and make him more likely to go along with the next part.

Underwear fetishism is a sexual...

At this point, restate that you want to indulge this fetish, but only with panties of known origin, so you want him to throw out his current collection and go on a sexy shopping trip with you to start up a new collection.

Blow his mind with panty play.

While doing that, use your sultry voice to remind him that you want to indulge his fetish but that you will set fire to any panties you don't recognize, so he needs to keep you in the loop. If it was normal it wouldn't be a fetish. But, its normal for a man to have an obscure fetish. So, by proxy, yeah its normal. It is not weird necessarily, but rare.

My friend Randy and I...

Most all people have some sort of fetish for example I have a biting fettish pretty popular it may seem weird, but fetishes happen. I think its fairly normal.

I think in psychiatry its in the DSM so a little abnormal. Although in psychoanalysis its is natural for males to have feminie traits and females to have masculine traits. Some of us view this as a bad thing so it gets stuffed down into our sub conscious. Its also a very double standard when it comes to something like this. In society's eyes when a man has feminine traits that he not ashamed to hid he made be considered weak and lesser of a man. Even if per se he had a construction Men with panty fetish, is heterosexual, etc.

On the other hand females that show masculine traits are considered empowered etc. I love panties especially on a woman but my wife loves to flow free "Men with panty fetish" panties. Since i meet her she will not wear them unless out of monthly nessecity not even for my desire.

So she has bought some saying she would. So i play with my self with those. Only wore a couple times, thats not really my thing.

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I like to rub them on my chest and cock and then tie them around it tightly like a cock ring. When im ready to cum ill loosen them on catch the cum with them. She sccepts this and even watch me as i madterbate.

Men tend to eroticize and...

Some guys like wearing women's underwear, so maybe he just likes wearing panties under his work clothes? Would that freak you out? Greetings, well it's actually more common than you think to have a panty fetish. So, it's considered normal and really just a personal exploration of his feminine side.

Embrace it p, have fun with him and his fetish. Bottom line, the panties are just clothes!. I think she's talking about a guy who holds them to his face, wraps them around his cock, and stuff like that, not transvestism. If it was normal and common, it would not be a fetish.

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