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Non binary homosexual relationship


Queer heterosexuality is heterosexual practice that is controversially called queer. The concept was first discussed in the mids, critically within radical feminism[1] and as a positive identification by Clyde Smith in a paper delivered at a conference in Amsterdam in ; [2] most papers cite these two as their entry point into the Non binary homosexual relationship.

In Village Voice published an article called "The Queer Heterosexual" which has been referred to in papers published since, as it delineates the territory covered by the term. Queer heterosexuality is demonstrated when one or both hetero partners express their gender in nontraditional ways: Kitzinger and Wilkinson argued that the rehabilitation of heterosexuality through Non binary homosexual relationship heterosexuality" as "a concept derived from postmodernist and queer theory" [1] is seen as flawed from a radical feminist perspective.

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