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Sexualaddictioncounseling net


Addicted to sex? Pureheart...

Our goal is to offer low-cost, individual counseling for you. Around the halfway point of counseling, counselees will be encouraged to attend a weekly "accountability" group towards the end of building a healthy support network with an eye towards the counselee maintaining his progress after counseling.

This is not a "mental health" issue first and foremost but a spiritual condition. We believe in the miraculous power of God—we are living testimonies to His grace and His ability to save us from the power of darkness and set us free from the deep, deep pit of sexual sin, brokenness, and dysfunction while bringing us into the light!

You still reading these FAQs? We have testimonies from porn addicts. We expect a serious commitment to see the process through from beginning to end.

Pureheart offers practical, affordable, Pastoral Counseling for men and women struggling with purity issues, porn addiction, and sexual addiction. We also offer counseling for couples dealing with the heartbreak of sexual sin, and particularly for the wives of husbands trapped in sexual sin, we strongly recommend you seek counsel with one of our female counselors.

As pastoral counselors we also have experience working with issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD, abuse and trauma, other addictions, and we offer marriage counseling on a limited basis.

In all our counseling we strive to spiritually mentor our counselees because our ultimate goal is not recovery or healing but an intimate and thriving relationship with Jesus Christ. We counsel people across the country and internationally via phone or Skype we recommend Skype when possible. We also counsel locally in our offices in the Portland, Oregon Metro area.

Furthermore phone and Skype counseling is often more confidential than having to visit an office, it allows for more flexibility in scheduling, and you save money in terms of gas and traveling time. We see a lot of victory and transformation through our counseling. For example, I Tim have personally successfully counseled literally 70 plus men in the last 6 years alone.

He now has 6 plus years of no porn, no masturbation, changed thoughtlife, daily devotions, and turned around marriage. Love Sex

Sexualaddictioncounseling net

Pureheart counselors will help you change your life because God has changed our lives! We use Scripture throughout our teaching. We expect you to do your homework each week, show up for your weekly sessions on time, and pay your bill weekly.

Pureheart counselors were abused and abandoned and addicted just like you. We will equip you with the practical wisdom you need to break the chains of addictive behavior. While there is much we disagree with in secular counseling, there is also plenty of wisdom gained over many, many hours of counseling and knowledge of what works in therapy.

Div , seminary-trained, pastoral counselors we specialize in helping those struggling with pornography, masturbation, affairs, and all types of sexual sin.

Div , seminary-trained, pastoral counselors we specialize in serving those struggling with filth, masturbation, affairs, and all types of sexual ungodliness. We routinely see public set free from decades-long addictions, marriages restored, hearts healed, and hope renewed. Pastoral counseling in the privacy and confidentiality of your own home or your office—we come to you. We are currently counseling people in 34 states and 5 countries….

Pureheart offers counseling tailored specifically for the spouses of sex addicts. We think you are just now as important as your loved one seeking counseling and thus we tender proven strategies and everyday comfort focused on ration wives deal with their wounds and heal their hearts. Pureheart counselors wishes help you change your life because God has changed our lives! Largest pastors have little if any training and circumstance in counseling, particularly when it comes to addictive behaviors.

With our georgic counselors you get the best of secular counseling methods grounded in the bedrock of Scripture. Pureheart counselors have personally felt the impact of voluptuous sin. From pornography addictions to the heartache of adultery our counselors comprehend the slavery of addictive behaviors and the tribulation caused by infidelity, and yet we have all broken free, healed our hurts, and now cord others into recovery and victory.

We have testimonies from porn addicts.

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Welcome to our AntiPornographyBlog channel! A project of Nonprofit Organization!

Pureheart offers highly effective, affordable, confidential, and Biblically-grounded pastoral counseling. Pureheart specializes in teaching Christian men and women how to break free of sexual sin, deal with the damage it causes, walk in consistent purity, and live out their God-given destiny. As former pastors and seminary-trained pastoral counselors who can personally empathize with what you are going through, we have designed a cutting-edge curriculum based on our successful process of breaking free of addiction and growing into spiritual maturity.

Our curriculum is utterly unique—using World War II as a backdrop, we teach you step-by-step how to get clean and stay clean. What does WWII have to do with purity? With the advent of the Internet, living pure in our sex-crazed culture has become increasingly difficult as we are bombarded with temptation from all sides.

As your brothers and sisters in Christ, however, we are here to encourage you to fight the good fight, holding on to the Biblical standard of purity until you achieve the righteous walk that, in your heart of hearts, has always been your greatest desire. We have proved the principles we teach in our own lives and in the many success stories of those we counsel. We have been there, done that and yet now we walk in daily purity.

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Welcome to our AntiPornographyBlog channel! A project of Nonprofit Organization!

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