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Versailles noble


Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. I have been quite overwhelmed with the first two reviews, for they're too lengthy and too much technical for a metal newbie like me. Having said all technical matters there is to this album, I'd be reviewing it in another light. Versailles always composes songs within a context. If you watch their first music video, "The Revenant Choir", the very long intro is actually where all of their albums, even up to now, is based on their own vampire legend.

Versailles noble must always remember that context when singing their songs. I think most metal bands Versailles noble their own contexts in their music. This album is regarded as their best album ever recorded yet by most Versailles fans, and I think it really is for many reasons.

For one, Noble is very versatile with their compositions. This variety was mainly brought about by the merge of their own musical backgrounds. The vocalist, Kamijo, has a specialty in ballads while the two guitarists, Hizaki and Teru, works more on metal music. The drummer, Yuki, played modern rock songs before, while the bassist in this album, Jasmine You, played alternative rock in his first band and some neoclassical rhythm.

If you Versailles noble to the band in this context, you'll also "Versailles noble" to understand their other album's musicality. Even with the melodic segments of the song, the drums play that delicate balance Versailles noble that the guitars are only playing one or two chords repeatedly at the said segment. The drums in Noble are noteworthy, but one of my The guitars of Teru and Hizaki met what they were supposed to be: To understand more their guitars, remember that Hizaki and Teru plays the guitar differently.

Hizaki composed "Aristocrats Symphony", so it's more Hizaki-sounding. In their early days with the Noble album, Teru is fond of sweep-picking, and there is where you can discern the two guitars apart. I have this bias on Jasmine You's bass.

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