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Women who spank in knoxville


Links are listed in alphabetical order by name of the group, not city or specific location. For best results, look through the entire list, especially as group names often include abbreviations or other methods obscuring their placement. Signing up for update emails via ChangeDetection. Talk about getting physical-ly fit in however way they wish, post advice to fellow Fet members who wish to get in shape, etc. Anything from health related, sports, to physical fitness of any and every sort.

Great big central location to post and coordinate efforts. We are going to build this group through parties, meet and greets and more. Amateur ropers in Johnson City and surrounding areas, FetLifeverified Sep Intended to bring together ropers of all Women who spank in knoxville levels. Will be planning events and occasional munches.

Get to know others of any fetish or kink and BDSM in this area.

Singles, Couples, Poly or Open. We have events every weekend or so and we are looking to grow our group size. All persons interested are welcome regardless of persuasion, sex or creed. Fun, friendly evening play and socializing. Come to converse, play, mingle, learn and experience. Bellevue munch and fitness group, FetLife Women who spank in knoxville, verified Sep For kinky and adventurous in west nashville and bellevue.

Bi Knoxville, FetLifeverified Sep For bi curious and bisexual people and those who have questions about bisexuality, in the Knoxville area.

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Provides a safe forum to communicate with like minded people. The Boro Bunch, FetLifeverified Sep For those in Murfreesboro who want to meet up and discuss events, groups, and happenings under the kinky umbrella. Bridging the Cultural Gap: If you like giving, receiving, or both, this is your place. Would also include most any type of impact play…Floggers, hands, and paddles.

The Chattanooga Anti-munch, FetLifereviewed May Locals will meet for food much like a munch, however will plan to go to different places at each gathering. Will also do things like shopping, movies, bowling, or whatever.

For spanking fans in East...

Chattanooga Lifestyle Friends, FetLifeverified Sep For meeting new people in the area that are into kink, swinging and poly, posting events and announcements, making new friends.

Place a ad to look for that other Kinkster. Gender, sexual orientation, or kink does not matter. To promote an environment to encourage both physical and emotional health and growth, opportunity to support and encourage, to express your feeling and emotions, to learn, ask Women who spank in knoxville, and hopefully, maybe some service opportunity.

If you are a spanking purist or a kinkster who just happens to Women who spank in knoxville spanking, this is the place for you. Chattanooga, TN Rendezvous, FetLifeverified Sep For kinksters that are headed out for a coffee, burger, or brew and would like some kink friends along…serving the Chattanooga area. Chattanooga Whatever, FetLifeverified Jun Hoping this group will attract people who want to have open, honest discussions, share ideas and jokes, and such.

Open to anybody in the area, and any topic of discussion. Clarksville 4twenty, FetLifeverified Sep Where the kinksters of Clarksville can have their time together and still be kinky.

Clarksville Adult Fitness and Recreation, FetLifeverified Jun Devoted to helping get fitness minded activities, groups and class off the ground and available to the Clarksville fetish community. Clarksville Kinksters who play World of Warcraft.

This group does not have a group leader. Clarksville Skool of Kink, FetLifeverified Jun For kinksters in the clarksville area to learn and share knowledge with others in the kink community. Women who spank in knoxville Social Calendar Group, FetLifeverified Sep Lists events planned for the Clarksville region and its surrounding neighborhoods such as Oak Grove, Woodlawn, Sango, and other areas our community members come from. Materials, saftey, knots, designs, and general discussion about rope awesomeness.

Welcomes kinksters who have years of community and lifestyle experience. To have a place to meet locals who are sincere and real to the lifestyle as well as give an opportunity to post local events of various groups. Open minded atmosphere for kinky individuals to gather and enjoy the social atmosphere of a private dance club for the BDSM community. Community-oriented project focused on providing Women who spank in knoxville place to play, grow, and Women who spank in knoxville. Have services to offer?

One of the longest surviving gay social and service groups in the city. A derivative of the Cookeville Munch group. Meets approximately once a month for dinner or other festivities. Council of Chattanooga Kink- C. K, FetLifeverified Mar Goal: Provide a safe and healthy environment for those of all experience levels to come together to continue gaining knowledge in safety, promote discussion, and build a close knit community for those in the lifestyle.

Not limited to certain genders, orientations, or BDSM roles. Would you like to color with us? Make new friends with like-minded neighbors, discuss our common interests and share CD friendly events. Dixie Younger Women who spank in knoxville for Older Men, FetLifeverified Sep For those younger women who want to do online play, or other fetish activity with older men Where women who are dominant or have a dominant side can make new friends, learn, and share.

Persons who love dominant women may also join this group and contribute to the conversations. East Coast Cuckold and Hotwife, FetLifeverified Sep Created to give cuckolds and Hotwives a broader range, with specific areas of interest, for better connection and communication. Come, talk and ask questions. East of Knox EoKFetLifeverified Sep Committed to the idea of community, education, and self expansion, to have a lot of fun as well.

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Based Women who spank in knoxville of the Jefferson City — Morristown area and seek to help bring a sense of togetherness in the East of Knoxville area. Also for those who want to setup a East TN gang bang with like minded men. Not for Posting about area groups Munches or Play partys! For Women who spank in knoxville and open to the friends, family, and lovers of poly people; and poly-curious, poly-fi, and poly-mono.

East Tn Kinky Crafting Syndicate, FetLifeverified Sep For anyone who wants to get together to learn and share crafting ideas that could be used in our kinky lifestyles. Ideally, members should be geographically located somewhere around Johnson City, Kingsport, Knoxville, or Chattanooga. Women who spank in knoxville TN Marketplace, FetLifeverified Sep For people to come to sell their stuff, or to post for things they are looking to buy.

Will welcome all types of pets. All fetishes, bdsm and sexual orientation. AgesFetLifereviewed Sep For fun loving people, ages Not set up as a dating service but we do allow members to post in request of meeting someone of like mind.

Does NOT have to be only kinky items. Fun group where we focus on building better versions of ourselves. Motherfuckaz, FetLifeverified Sep Primarily for younger kinksters in Memphis and surrounding areas. For burgeoning BDSM enthusiasts to chat with like minded individuals. To grow together as a tight knit group and to use our collective brains for the betterment of the local scene and lifestyle in general.

Gamers of Clarksville, FetLifeverified Jun Dedicated to gamers of all kind in Clarksville, whether PC or console gamer, whether casual or hardcore. Gatlinburg Tennessee, FetLifeverified Sep Open group for everyone who lives in or around the Gatlinburg area. Georgia Classified, FetLifeverified Aug For fetlife members looking to contact or find other members in Georgia or close to Georgia. Hendersonville, TN Community, FetLifereviewed Jul Make real-life friends, playmates, romantic connections, or anything else.

Female SpankeeKnoxville, Tennessee, United States...

Foster a more active real life social community for Hendersonville, and immediately surrounding areas. Can also just be a way to make friends too. Ultimate goal is connectivity. A real sense of community as a whole and getting our dungeons filled with bodies. Crocheters and those who love them.

We have a wide level of experience, from newbies to some who Women who spank in knoxville been in the lifestyle for most of their lives.

To begin a hub for all things Queen of Spades. Caters to adult Littles in Middle TN. Kinks in the Boro, FetLifeverified Jun For new members in Middle TN — particularly Murfreesboro — to meet other new members who might not know anyone in the community and might be too intimidated by other tightly knit groups. Will encourage each other to attend events held by other groups. Kinky Boro Movie Nights, FetLifeverified Jun For folks in the Murfreesboro area who enjoy kinky movies-to get together, watch movies, and talk about them.

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