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Yones kutlu wife sexual dysfunction


Priapism is a poorly understood disease process with little information on the etiology and pathophysiology of this erectile disorder. One group of patients with a high prevalence of priapism is men with sickle-cell disease. Establish an in vivo transgenic sickle-cell mouse model to study the pathophysiology of sickle-cell disease-associated priapism.

Transgenic sickle-cell disease mice, expressing human sickle hemoglobin, were utilized. Three groups of mice were used: Two age groups of each cohort of mice were utilized: Histological trichrome stain to measure ratio of collagen to smooth musclepenile hydroxyproline content collagen contentand transmission electron microscopic analysis of WT, Hemi, and Sickle mice penes, as well as in vivo erectile responses [change in intracavernous pressure ICP ] to cavernous nerve stimulation CNSwere determined.

The morphometric changes of the penis and exaggerated in vivo erectile responses support the use of this transgenic sickle-cell disease animal model to study the pathophysiological mechanisms involved in sickle-cell disease-associated priapism. Priapism is "Yones kutlu wife sexual dysfunction" as an erectile disorder, in which erection persists uncontrollably without sexual purpose [ 1 ].

The mechanisms involved in development of priapism are poorly characterized; therefore, medical management of priapism represents a therapeutic challenge to Yones kutlu wife sexual dysfunction.

In the penis of men with ischemic priapism, the corporal bodies and vascular endothelium are exposed to intermittent episodes of anoxia. Thus, cellular, molecular and morphologic changes are activated, which often become maladaptive and contribute to progressive erectile dysfunction ED.

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