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Dating someone who was recently engaged


At first I was open-minded to the idea, but these days I just stay away. Obviously there are exceptions to every rule, but a previously-engaged guy is a huge red flag.

Talk about emotional issues galore.

Do you have qualms about...

Due to my vast encounters, dates, and conversations with previously-engaged men, I now consider myself to be somewhat of an expert on the psychology of a previously-engaged man. It goes without saying they all have major issues, but there are two distinct types of previously-engaged men. Type 1 is the commitment-phobe.

These guys are so hurt over what happened to them, that they are still not over their ex and what has happened to them, and they are scared to commit to anyone and everyone. Even if several years have passed by, they are still not over it. Now they love to meet women and date around, but they will never settle down with anyone.

One of my dearest friends...

They want to, and like the idea of it, but they never will. They just do not have it in them, because they refuse to put themselves in a vulnerable situation again, leaving the door open for getting hurt again.

Type 2 is the complete opposite — the guy ready to get married tomorrow to the next girl he finds.

These guys were greatly looking forward to their future of settling down and starting a family, but all of their plans just got shattered. These guys have no shame in discussing their quick plans for marriage and family on the first date, or even before you have your first date!

Not too long ago I was talking to a guy, who seemed to be extremely forward talking about his future plans and intentions.

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