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Peter wright anvil dating sim


By GlennFebruary 28, in Anvil Reviews by brand. The Peter Wright belonged to my father who purchased it used from a junk or used tool store. He used occasionally to straighten or bend cold metal. The PW was given to me when I had to return the borrowed anvil I was using at the time.

The rebound was amazing, compared to the other anvil. It was the right size for the projects I was working on and became the go tool for fixing or making new items. The rebound was good, Peter wright anvil dating sim ring was heard at 4 city blocks, or the ring could be killed so you could work late into the night.

It seemed to have all the right curves for forming bends etc. Face had been re done by someone who knew their business. It still sees regular use. What I remember about this one is the seller asking me how I was going to get it to my carso I picked it up abnd carried it over.

My fiancee told me that he remarked "Peter wright anvil dating sim" his friend "He's more of a man than he looks! My second one was traded for a wilton cadet vise and some boot with a gentleman on this board and took nearly a year for blacksmith's mail to deliver it to my shop: My apprentice picked it up on his way to California and then finally took it to a large SCA event which a friend local to me was attending.

The next time our friend was over at my shop he snuck it in and waited for me to notice. Didn't take long; or long for me to figure it out Sure hope he liked the vice because I love the anvil and took it with me to be the "larger" anvil in my down south small portable set up.

The I picked up off of Craigslist in Albuquerque. Funny that our wives ended up making the transfer at the university actually my wife asked a passing student to move it for her I currently have a PW and traded an old Winchester 92 for it. At the rate both anvils and rifles have increased in value, Peter wright anvil dating sim was a fair trade - but I made several thousand dollars on the anvil, while the rifle would have just hung on the wall.

The anvil needed a lot of repair before using but has served me Peter wright anvil dating sim over 30 years. I also now have a lb PW that has a dead flat face; couple small edge chips but I don't think this one was used much prior to coming into my hands.

Very good ring and lots of rebound. I have 5 PW's. The ones pictured here are,and lbs. The two smaller ones on the floor I bought for my kids who are 9 and 7, for future use. The lb is my go-to anvil, I love it.

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