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Bumble dating app reviews ny


This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! A link has directed you to this review.

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Its location on Bumble dating app reviews ny page may change next time you visit. When I logged on to the Bumble app dating site I was very suspicious because I was hardly getting any matches at all but whenever I have gone on to any other sites like Tinder or any of the other dating sites I would get literally a hundred or more matches. What confirmed my suspicions was when I saw a friend of mine that I've known for years but kind of lost touch with on Bumble and I pressed to match with him so that I could get back in touch with him and I know he would have matched with me so that he could get back in touch with me but he never did so I knew something was wrong.

I knew they were controlling how many matches we can get and who we can talk to. My suspicions were confirmed when I finally got fed up one week later and got Bumble dating app reviews ny of Bumble and went back on Tinder and ran into that same friend on Tinder who immediately matched with me on Tinder. We went out for a drink the next night and sure enough he did try to match with me on Bumble!

I am more convinced than ever now that Bumble is completely crooked and they are controlling who can talk to who and how many matches you can get! I was not a paying customer and I think they do that to try to discourage me to get me to pay!

They are totally crooked and I will never use Bumble again! What makes me really angry about this is that they are messing with people's lives! If people go "Bumble dating app reviews ny" there and Bumble dating app reviews ny think they're being rejected when they're not! They may also see someone they really like and they automatically think that person is not interested when they may be and then if they see them on another dating site they may ignore them thinking that person rejected them on Bumble!

I think that is just terrible to mess with people's lives like that! I think those crooked people should be sued. I hope some paying customers will file lawsuits against these crooked scum-of-the-earth garbage people who run this thing. Please discontinue my subscription. And step I have to pay extra 34 dollar coins. Can't understand why all this expenditure. We can't even talk to customer service. Is this a scam??? I tried to cancel my account and cancel recurring payments because I actually met someone.

Secondly when you do call it's India and they're very rude. I called and explained my issue and then he said that he would call me back that night which I thought was odd and then he never called me. I had to call him. Then it turns out he could have just emailed me.

The whole thing was a cluster and very unprofessional. I don't like it you have fakes and liars. In real life he's now Smokes weed all the time.

Likes to cause conflicts. Tries to make women feel bad about themselves. Especially when they don't do what he wants. Tries to act like their father. I offered to help him clean up his house and he got mad because I stopped. I told him that it's not my house and l wasn't cleaning anymore. He wasn't and it's his house. Besides l didn't know him like that. Then he tries to grab on and force his hands. That don't Bumble dating app reviews ny with me. So please cancel my account now.

This is poor business practices. Please don't support a business that won't refund you a charge the day of the auto charge!!! For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I used this app last year and actually ended up dating two guys last year only to find out they were married.

So, so, so sad! So I decided to give it a try again this year and every person I matched up ended up being someone who was sitting at the airport swiping "Bumble dating app reviews ny" Bumble and they had no intentions at all of being in a relationship!

Literally I matched up with 7 guys over the weekend and they were all from out of town sitting at the airport during a layover! Also, my settings were at ages 39 to 80, 50 miles away and I would got to swipe about people and then I ended up getting a Bumble message that "No matches in your area".

I live in a big city with 3 million people and there's no more matches? This app has really ended up being a waste of time. So I joined this app thinking it would be better than Tinder, made my account with ease, had no issues. I am openly gay and was looking to find guys and girls as connections for friendships and possible relationships with guys.

I had set up my account to find matches 14 miles away at max, I would find people that were close to me but then the app would tell me to expand my search to people that lives over 60 plus miles away, not only that when I did match with people girls mainly they wouldn't even respond.

I would extend every time and then they ended up never contacting me. When I did match with people and they did respond after a few messages back and forth they would stop and then vanish off my matches list.

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I tried Bumble BFF and it would only let me search for male friends which is somewhat annoying so I decided to switch it back over to the dating site and write in my bio that I was also looking for friendships. When I search for both guys and gals it would only show me guys and not women ever, so the app is still quite Bumble dating app reviews ny. It was really a big waste of time, so many bugs and they made it so if you are trying to match with women the women have to respond first but that doesn't always happen.

In fact I only matched with a few gals using the premium subscription and they swiped on me first and yet still never made the effort to contact me.

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So this app is not worth the money nor the time. I joined Bumble for the second time. Been on this site for a couple of months. I dated a guy from this site last year who became my stalker on social media after break up. To avoid him I created a profile with an alias but with my real my pics.