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Dating french girl in london


Previously on the pursuit of sluttiness I wrote an article on how much and why I loved American women. Today is that day! My previous article made some yankee doodle smiles, and pissed off some European lassies. Well, this article will probably get me the "Dating french girl in london" penalty in all French fair sex clubs.

French psychotic ladies will throw stones at me and shit on my face from so high that I will feel like god himself took a dump on my head. You might have read some of my writing already, therefore you would know who I am, where I am from and how much I love meeting new women. Not trying to show off or get wannabe players to worship me, this is merely a fact.

As you will not have...

I was living in London consequently it was easy for me to date American or English ladies, or whatever. Sure, I ended up having flings with some of them, but those were very rare and always ended up the same way:.

London is a big town, filled with cosmopolitany and foreign figures from all over the world, which explains why you could always find shoes to your feet, no matter what your tastes and faves are. I was sent back to the old motherland.

Eating baguettes Dating french girl in london breakfast, raging over the archaic train system, going out and drinking the French way… Well, not really, but I tried.

During the winter, it is a totally different story.

Top 5 places to date...

If I wanted to keep up with my regular sexual activity, I knew I could not rely on the Erasmus students and the very few foreign girls who happen to get lost here.

So it was time to dig up all of my prejudices against the poor French lassie. Time has changed and maybe I matured too, so I decided to reset my hard disk and just embrace the French way once again.

At first I thought I was just a bit of a prick, which would not be the first time I was showing my talent of Dating french girl in london.

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