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Flynn Rider born Eugene Fitzherbert is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios ' 50th animated feature film Tangledits short film Tangled Ever Afterand the television series Tangled: The character is voiced by American actor Zachary Leviwho decided to audition for the role upon learning that he would also be providing the character's singing voice.

Levi's duet with singer and co-star Mandy Moore" I See the Light ", would go on to become the actor's first professionally recorded song and musical debut. Loosely based on the prince in the Brothers Grimm fairy tale " Rapunzel ", Flynn is a wanted thief who seeks refuge in Rapunzel 's tower after stealing a crown. Blackmailed by Rapunzel into taking her to see the kingdom's floating lanterns in time for her eighteenth birthday, Flynn undergoes a change of heart as he gradually begins to fall in love with Rapunzel.

Flynn was created by directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard because they felt that the incarcerated Rapunzel needed someone to escort her Dating disney princes buzzfeed careers of the tower. He was conceived as a thief as opposed to a traditional prince in favor of making him a funnier and edgier character. Originally written as a British Dating disney princes buzzfeed careers, Flynn was ultimately developed into a swashbuckling thief inspired by fictional characters Han Solo and Indiana Jonesand actors Gene Kelly and Errol Flynn ; Flynn Rider was named after the latter.

Flynn has divided film critics. While some reviewers enjoyed the character's refreshing humor, rebelliousness and sarcasm in comparison to traditional Disney princes, others found his personality to be annoying and obnoxious, while panning his narration.

Additionally, Flynn has also been strongly accused of being a marketing tool exploited by Disney to attract a larger male audience to Tangled. However, both the character's romantic comedy -esque relationship with Rapunzel and Levi's vocal performance have received widespread acclaim. Flynn is also considered to be among the most appealing Disney heroes by Vanity FairE!

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Filmmaker Walt Disney himself had first attempted to adapt the Brothers Grimm fairy tale " Rapunzel " into a feature-length animated film during the s and s. So she needed to meet a guy to take her to where she's going.

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He's kind of a ladies' man, and he's very arrogant. When we were putting it together and trying to figure out who Flynn Rider was in this movie, we looked at a bunch of different sources When you look back at some of the past Disney princes or something, a lot of them are kind of soft and they're not like people we think are that cool, I guess.

They're good guys, so I guess we sort of took that to the other extreme. We like cocky, arrogant sort of characters, and I think there were people in our building that were a little worried because we were up in the story room and they were hearing these rumours of, well, it's not a prince, it's a thief, and he's kind of a ladies' man and he's very arrogant But, I think the trick is when you're creating a character like that, if you have this cocky character, you have to hit him over the head with a frying pan a dozen times or something, and he needs to kind of pay for being that way.

Those characters, if they're done right, can be so funny. On "Dating disney princes buzzfeed careers" flip side, if they're not done right, they can be really off putting. Originally, Flynn was conceived as a British farmer named Bastian until his voice actor was finally cast. So she has a very limited world view and Flynn could complement that as this worldly guy.

This changed, however, as Flynn was gradually developed into a much more prominent character. As "an example of first-person voice-over narration ", Flynn's narration "compels the viewer to identify empathetically with" Flynn and Rapunzel. Greno and Howard were not particularly interested in casting solely A-list actors as the voices of main characters Flynn and Rapunzel. Identifying himself as "a huge Disney nut", Levi was immediately "sold" on the project.

When Levi was first cast as the voice of Flynn, the character had been scripted as a British farmer at the time, requiring Levi to voice him with a British accent until Flynn was eventually developed into a bandit with an American accent. Levi's starring role on Chuck required the actor to constantly "shed a character and take on another character and shed that character and then go back to something else".

It took Levi approximately one year to record all of his dialogue due in part to his busy schedule. Howard explained, "He's so smart Dating disney princes buzzfeed careers clever, and his adlibs are so great, and you like him straight away Wanting to sound "more appropriate" Dating disney princes buzzfeed careers the film's medieval setting, Levi "cleaned up [his] own diction and made things a little bit more polished", [22] referring to Flynn's accent as Mid-Atlantic.

Greno and Howard wanted Flynn to be funny and sarcastic as opposed to snarky. The directors did not like this because, according to Greno, Flynn "did this reaction where [he] treated her like she's nuts". Although both directors agreed that Flynn's reaction was funny, Greno and Howard wanted the characters to "connect" emotionally during this scene.

Fogelman concluded, "At his heart, he's really kind of a lost soul who doesn't quite know what he wants and who he is. However, the directors had always envisioned Flynn as "a dashing thief".

Calling it the "Hot Man Meeting", [34] the employees were encouraged to "bring in pictures of their favorite hunky men". Photos being torn in half and pasted back together.

Eyes were ripped from one picture and put on another. Heads were torn from photos," concluding, "I've never seen anything like it. Legend of the Seven Seas A Fairy-Tale and Fantasy PastFlynn "amalgamates the comedy-action hero with the swashbuckling romantic sensations of Errol Flynn, layering them over a fairy-tale hero attributed with comedic lines that undermine the romantic nostalgia of the film's setting", [41] while serving as a source of comic relief at times.

Flynn debuted in Tangled as a sought-after bandit who discovers refuge in Rapunzel's secluded tower after stealing a crown. There the character is blackmailed by Rapunzel, who seizes the crown in order to convince Flynn to guide her to the floating lanterns in time for her eighteenth birthday, while Mother Gothelher vain, controlling guardian, is absent.

Flynn is pursued by a police horse named Maximus Dating disney princes buzzfeed careers the vengeful Stabbington Brothers, two former accomplices of his; and Gothel, who grows increasingly obsessed with retrieving Rapunzel in order to continue using her hair to grant her eternal life. Meanwhile, Flynn falls in love with Rapunzel and undergoes a change of heart, only to be apprehended by the Stabbington Brothers, who hand him over to the officials, Dating disney princes buzzfeed careers sentence him to death.

Maximus helps him escape and return to Rapunzel's tower in time to cut her hair, which in turn ages Gothel into dust. By falling in love with Rapunzel, Flynn undergoes a dramatic change of heart; he stops thieving and returns to using his birth name, Eugene.

Eugene later appears in the 5-minute short film Tangled Ever Afterthat features his marriage with Rapunzel. It takes place between the feature film and the short Tangled Ever After. Flynn is one of their better efforts to add to Aladdin, Mowgli and the Beast.

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Joe Williams of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch referred to it as "flippant". Scott of The New York Times described it as "annoyingly smart-alecky". However, Goss relented, "The voice-over tapers off, though, and Levi proves to be a suitably cocky foil to the neurotic love interest.

Meanwhile, critics lauded the character's relationship and chemistry with Rapunzel enthusiastically, likening it to that of a romantic comedy. Writing for the Mountain XpressKen Hanke felt that "what works best is the interplay between the two leads", concluding, "these animated characters are frankly more Dating disney princes buzzfeed careers and charismatic than the human ones in Love and Other Drugs.

Levi's performance has garnered widespread acclaim from critics, who enjoyed the actor's comedic delivery and singing voice.

Hucks went on to call Flynn "one the better [Disney heroes] that have come out of the Disney stable in quite Dating disney princes buzzfeed careers while". Louis Post-Dispatch appreciated the comedy in Levi's "quick-tongued delivery", [82] while Rolling Stone ' s Peter Travers wrote that the actor "does a nice job" as Flynn. Flynn is often regarded as one of Disney's most attractive heroes. InVanity Fair conducted a poll for which readers were asked to vote for the sexiest Disney hero of all-time.

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Oakley joked, "I like a man who is unaplogetically himself", continuing, "If you gotta go around with a fake name Critics harshly criticized the film's controversial change in title from Rapunzel to Tangled. Chmielewski observed that Tangled ' s marketing campaign involved "amp[ing] up the role of the dashing Errol Flynn-styled male lead to share the spotlight with the golden-haired namesake of the classic Brothers Grimm story".

Rapunzel by giving her 'the smolder'" while "emphasiz[ing Flynn's] Scott of The New York Times received Flynn as a "hijacking of a princess's tale", panning the character as "a crude commercial calculation, a sign to the anxious boys in the audience that things aren't going to Dating disney princes buzzfeed careers too girly, or to Disneyphobes that the studio can bring some DreamWorks -style "Dating disney princes buzzfeed careers." Empire ' s Helen O'Hara defended Disney's claim "that the new title reflects the fact that [ Tangled ] is very much a two-handerwith Mandy Moore's innocent but inevitably feisty Rapunzel and Zachary Levi's street-wise yet clueless Flynn sharing the lead".

O'Hara went on to argue that both characters "get decent character development too, and base their growing love story on more than a single longing glance ".

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