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Fuschia sumner dating


Styler has an address book to die for.

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As he makes his way down the stairs, nanny trailing behind, the tremulous little voice gets more and more accusatory - 'Mama! You said we were going today!

WHY can't we go to Marylebone today? No, I can hear her calmly explaining to the sobbing five-year-old from behind the door, they're not going to Marylebone today, they're going on Friday, just as she had promised, and as he should know by "Fuschia sumner dating," she never, ever breaks her promises.

So why doesn't he start packing his things up, like his mask and his swimming trunks? As it transpires, the Fuschia sumner dating Giacomo wants to go to more than anywhere else in the world right now is not Marylebone but Malibu in California, where the Stings have a magnificent house with a huge swimming-pool overlooking the Pacific.

For now though, Giacomo or 'the Last Emperor' as his mother affectionately calls him - a handsome little blond who bears a strong resemblance to his father - is going to have to make do with Lake House, their grand, exquisitely restored Jacobean manor in Wiltshire.

And, hey, it can't be that bad. It is a cold, damp afternoon, and I am sitting in a large, lattice-windowed, wood-panelled room off the flagstoned hallway with a roaring fire at one end and a brass ship's binnacle at the "Fuschia sumner dating."

Fuschia sumner dating On one wall hangs what looks like a Breughel, on another a painting of nearby Stonehenge. Bordering the walls is an amazing frieze which is repeated in the hallway; one section, I have been told, depicts Styler and Sting dressed in Jacobean gear. Having temporarily managed to pacify her son, Styler - looking more rock chick than lady of the manor today, in hipster jeans with metal studs down the side of each leg, black high-heeled boots and a large gold cross round her lily-white throat - slips back into the room and to the delight of the big black family cat, Carbonel, nestles once again into her tapestried armchair by the fire.

Frankly, all those press photographs do her no justice whatsoever. She is much prettier, much more elfin in person than she is on the printed page, with sparkling pale-blue eyes and enviably well-preserved skin. Only when you Fuschia sumner dating very closely do you notice some faint scarring on the left side of her face, or that one half of an eyebrow has been pencilled in; the result of a near-fatal accident when she was dragged by the exhaust pipe of a runaway bread van at the age of two and a half.

Despite the fair amount of "Fuschia sumner dating," Styler is a good deal softer looking in the flesh too. Although one gets the distinct impression that she's not someone you'd ever want to mess with in the past she has admitted to being a 'control freak' and 'a tartar. When she hears I am pregnant, for example, she claps her hands together and beams approvingly, explaining that she herself has been getting quite broody lately.

But I think Sting is probably all done. He does already have six after all. The other possible drawback is Styler's hectic schedule. Her production company, Xingu films named after the Amazon tributary Fuschia sumner dating swam across in as part of a local initiation ritehas recently optioned the film rights to David Lodge's novel Therapy and also to Cheeky, a screenplay written by the actor David Thewlis, which Styler plans to both produce and act in.

Meanwhile she will be appearing opposite Anna Friel Thewlis's other half in Me Without Youa quirky coming-of-age film which starts out in the Seventies. Styler plays, to great effect, an ex-croupier addicted to gin and valium; it's a brave role for someone as groomed and glamorous as Trudie to play, particularly since she has been cast in the role of Friel's mum.

Even braver is the other film she has just made, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, a modern version of Cinderella in which she plays a disfigured Fuschia sumner dating queen, but then, as Fuschia sumner dating laughingly admits, 'I was past my sell-by date for those pretty-little-thing kind of roles when I was One gets the feeling that it wouldn't matter what role she played, it just feels good to be back wearing her actor's cap again after so many years in the wilderness more of which later.

I got into producing because I had a bad time in when no work was coming in. Now I've got some successful productions under my belt I want to see if I can combine the two.

This is the main reason - lucky for Giacomo - that the family are all flying out to LA for half-term the other is that she will be popping into New York "Fuschia sumner dating" the way to chair a conference for Human Rights Watch, of which she has been a deeply committed member for more than a decade.

Perhaps if she sat around in bed all day 'eating violet creams', as she once disdainfully put it, and spent less time talking about karma and caring so much about the bloody state of the world, people - British people anyway - would like her better. I really enjoy the whole process of meeting another person and having that exchange, but you know, if I'd read all my press collectively I know I'd just say, well, I don't think I'll ever be interviewed again, thanks very much!

Like her husband's, Styler's roots are solidly working class. Born inthe middle daughter of a lampshade packer and a school dinner lady, she grew up in a modest house on a council estate in Worcestershire with a sideboard filled with tinned fruit 'a post-war status symbol where I came from' and an absolute minimum of space: Although she was bright, she had severe dyslexia and therefore never shone academically.

She also felt deeply inferior to the other girls at her grammar school, most of whom came from middle-class backgrounds and whose parents, unlike her own, actually owned their homes. After being invited to tea by a friend, she was so shocked by the difference in lifestyle that at first she never invited anyone back. Her parents, she acknowledges, did Fuschia sumner dating have the best of marriages either, her mother compensating for her unhappiness by compulsive eating at her heaviest, according to Trudie, she weighed 17 stone.

Fuschia Sumner news, gossip, photos...

Then there were Styler's facial scars, so disfiguring that the girls at school used to nickname her 'scarface'. Thanks to the tenacity and devotion Fuschia sumner dating her mother, Trudie won compensation from the driver of the van who caused the accident, allowing her, at the age of 17, to embark on some much-needed plastic surgery on her face.

Buoyed by the difference it made, she decided to fulfil her ambition to become an actress and after a blistering Fuschia sumner dating with her father - 'who just didn't understand that all those plays I did behind the sofa could actually translate into a Fuschia sumner dating job' - she ran away to Stratford-upon-Avon.

Luckily for her for she had absolutely no money she was promptly taken in by an actor and his wife as an au pair: An impassioned letter Fuschia sumner dating subsequently wrote to the Bristol Old Vic so impressed the board of admissions that she was offered a two-year scholarship. Up until the mid-Eighties, Styler made a perfectly decent career out of being an actress, appearing in, among other things, the TV series Poldark which greatly impressed her parents - 'suddenly I was the golden girl on their street!

She was also in a rather infamous West End production of Macbeth alongside Peter O'Toole, with whom she later had a passionate affair, and Sting's then wife Frances Tomelty. When the relationship with O'Toole foundered, Styler was devastated and turned to her friend Tomelty for comfort.

Fuschia Sumner

It is a period of Styler's life which she has sensibly refused to discuss - 'It's a Fuschia sumner dating story which I don't necessarily want to talk about because it involves other people,' as she diplomatically puts it Fuschia sumner dating but suffice it to say that by Sting had split up with Tomelty and was parading the newly pregnant Styler around on the Police's Synchronicity tour as his 'mistress'.

Styler describes that period as a 'heady, hectic time. After giving birth to her daughter, Michael 'Mickey' now 17, she promptly became pregnant with her second child, Jake, now At the same time her mother, who had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease, died. The fact that Sting was still technically married to Tomelty made Styler feel almost unbearably shaky. That period also coincided with me being 31 and, career-wise, finding myself in the wilderness. I was also very insecure, as all actors are.

They only believe in themselves when their agents call and say, oh, hey, Mike Figgis wants to see you for a movie and it's at that point you go, he does?

Oh, wow, that must mean I'm a somebody! And then other times you sit there looking at your silent phone, "Fuschia sumner dating" your worst belief about yourself is confirmed. No one's calling me, therefore I'm a nobody. Well, the one thing I had proved to be very good at indeed was raising money.

So I thought, hey, why not apply it to a career? That's really how the producing began. The director Michael Apted remembers working with Styler in on her first television documentary, Moving the Mountain, which followed the story of some Fuschia sumner dating the Chinese students who led the Tiananmen Square uprising. Apted had first met Styler in after making Bring on the Night, a warts-and-all documentary about Sting's life on the road after breaking up with the Police.

Mickey Sumner news, gossip, photos...

In it, Trudie was filmed giving birth to Jake in a Paris hospital. Styler later cornered Apted on an aeroplane, having just bought the film rights to Moving the Mountain, and told him he had to direct it because 'he owed me one for enhancing his documentary'. It Fuschia sumner dating no vanity project either: Another of Styler's fans is Matthew Vaughan, Guy Ritchie's business partner, who was the one who initially persuaded her to come on board with Lock, Stock and Snatch.

Coincidentally Styler knew Ritchie's father, John, the advertising executive who thought up the Hamlet cigar campaign, having "Fuschia sumner dating" him years ago to be on the board of the Rainforest Foundation.

Being able to put on your acting cap helps ally you to the actors in a way that someone who's only ever produced cannot achieve.

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Like Apted, Vaughan is bowled over by the relationship Styler has with her husband. I just hope to God I have the same kind of relationship when I'm their age.

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