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Eighth graders dating site


Thursday, November 15, 83 Today's Paper.

“Parents need to be able...

It's even more difficult for young people who are dating for the first time. That's why Kellie Wahl, a physical-education teacher at Rantoul's J. Eater Junior High, leads a class for eighth-graders that she calls "Dating Eighth graders dating site In other words, they don't know how to treat people.

And it can be a boy mistreating a girl or vice versa. The eighth-graders compiled a list of what they thought were good or healthy and bad or unhealthy traits in a relationship. Wahl showed the eighth-graders three videos. In the first one, the girl in the relationship said she and her boyfriend were happy at first, but then things changed.

“Parents need to be able...

Things started to get physical. She even kept me away from my family. Wahl said one in three high school students has been or will be involved in an abusive relationship.

One in 10 teens has been hit or verbally abused by a boyfriend or girlfriend. In another video, a teen said it was love at first sight. But then "things kind of started," the boy said. I did not listen to that gut feeling," and that was his first mistake. A girl in a bad relationship told a counselor her boyfriend "started telling me what I could or couldn't wear. There was verbal abuse, and the girl allowed her boyfriend "to walk all over" her.

There was pressure for sex and comments like, "You'll wind up just like your mother — cleaning houses. A boy in a bad relationship said, "I thought stereotypically that the men were the "Eighth graders dating site" and the women were Eighth graders dating site victims. I never thought about teens. I felt like I didn't have a voice.

It might not mean they are with an abuser, but they might be in an unhealthy relationship, "and it means that you might be with a person that doesn't treat you right Rantoul City Schools School Resource Officer Matt Bross said that when talk turns to "self defense," it always goes to the physical realm.

Make yourself appear bigger than you are," Bross said. Bross reviewed Illinois law regarding domestic violence.

What if freshmen or tenth...

Under the zero-tolerance policy, police are required to take someone into custody if it has been determined domestic violence has occurred. Unlawful restraint — not allowing a person to leave — is also a common occurrence and is an "automatic felony" in Illinois.

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One local case turned deadly when a couple "in a not-so-good relationship" kept calling police after fights. I learned how to know what to do when those things happen. I learned how to help people when those things happened to me.

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