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Lymphoma dating site


Dating is hard, whether or not you face a chronic illness. As a young adult, dating continued to be an important part of normalcy and my experience. I had fun, I became annoyed and, most importantly, I learned.

I just moved to Los Angeles, a completely new city across the country Lymphoma dating site most of my family and friends.

I am in shape, I am smart, and sometimes I might even be funny.

Leukemia and lymphoma are both...

I go on a lot of dates and am seeing someone regularly whose company I enjoy. What a low blow. I am determined to continue my dating life, though.

I downloaded dating applications like JSwipe and Bumble and started swiping. I love talking with people — and even more so when my diagnosis does not creep into the conversation.

What are leukemia and lymphoma?

As soon as my cancer is brought up, a majority of the prospects on the apps become uninterested. They never say it, but I can tell. But the compassion and comfort another person can provide me romantically and sexually can be enticing. I love our time together, but something is missing. We Lymphoma dating site each other for a while, but now I love his friendship.

Laura and I connected through...

Dating is the worst. Cancer is not written on me, but the long-term effects are still around. After returning to Los Angeles and finding a new place, I went back on the dating apps.