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But that was Friday. Today, mockingbirds mock and a chorus of birds greets the cheery warm sunrise, which is helping sprout baby greens on giant trees on this pleasant spring Sunday in Austin. Why, then, when I teach marketing and have a new book on marketing, would I spend so much of my time learning more? When is enough enough? When I first entered the world of mastermind groups, where we share ideas CEO-to-CEO, I found that the best of the best are always learning and growing.

There are dozens of multi-millionaire CEOs in my group. They could rest on their past accomplishments; most of them probably never need to make another dollar, yet they are focused on continual personal growth.

No man or woman should be an island. Recently Jeff Bezos of Amazon told the story of a friend who wanted to get good at handstands. After weeks of practice in a class, she was not making fast enough progress, so she hired a handstand coach. The coach worked with her on perfecting the handstand, but Aiken dating site video 2019 japanese tsunami images in black managed her expectations of mastering it quickly. The reality is that it takes about six months of daily practice.

The value of a coach is that they understand what it takes, and though they can give you corrections and possibly shortcuts, they will also give you reality, best practices, and encouragement. We live in a world of instant gratification, yet we all need to realize that excellence in anything requires time and practice.

Not only do you need to recognize what the highest standards look like, you need to understand what it takes to accomplish them and not give in too soon. Far too many people give up and lose a world of opportunity because of their impatience. Painting is a great example. You can learn to paint fairly quickly, but everyone needs to understand the investment of time required to get really good at it.

I wish I had learned these lessons when I was younger because they would have served me well. I was always looking for shortcutstrying to beat the system, and, though sometimes that is possible, there is nothing like concentrated learning until mastery is accomplished.

Setting the bar to have high personal standards will serve you well.

Others are drawn to high standards; people want the very best. Though this is sounding like a business discussion, it is really about a lifestyle of excellence. I see it every day in the people I meet. I am working on a giant project and had to make a presentation with another organization. The way we approach life matters. Why not find a way to be the best in the world at what you do?

Why not study the best in the world and see if you can be better than the best? God has given us all opportunity — why not make the most of it? Why not be the best auto mechanic Aiken dating site video 2019 japanese tsunami images in black the world, the best hairdresser, the best doctor, the best artist?

Why not hold yourself to the highest standards and find ways to meet them? The starting point is self-confidence and mindset. Believing that you can learn to be the best. Believing that you Aiken dating site video 2019 japanese tsunami images in black the strength, the time, the intention to study the best, emulate the best, master those skills, then look for ways to out-best the best.

This does not come naturally. Your brain and your belief systems will fight you on it. You must push those negative thoughts aside.

I was lazy, not industrious, and would rather hang with my buddies and play all the time. But I found the company I was keeping was holding me back — I found out that I was becoming the same kind of person as those I was hanging out with, and I did not like it.

I was not satisfied. My life was not rich; my friends were not progressing, and neither was I. This may not work for you. How cool is that? It only happened because I worked like mad to create an event that would be so good that it would attract the best in the world. And I have to keep working like crazy to improve it every year so the best keep coming back.

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My friend and former advisor Richard Saul Wurman, founder of the TED conference and author of probably 60 or more books, used to talk about making his conference the ultimate dinner party he would want to have. It gave him access to the likes of Bill Gates, Jeffrey Katzenberg, the Google founders, and the biggest names in tech, entertainment, and design thus the name T.

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Why settle for less? Rich experiences make extraordinary lives.

I have a billionaire acquaintance that no one likes. He sent out invitations to his 50th-birthday party, and nobody showed up. Yet I know people who have no money but are the best in the world at their craft, and they are surrounded by other greats who respect their work.

In the past I wrote about how I was invited to take comedian Red Skelton shopping, and I turned him down because I was shy and did not feel worthy. I was also once invited to party with the Bee Gees after a wedding I photographed, but because I was shy and did not feel worthy, I turned down an invitation to their home. One step leads to another, momentum builds, and with determination, the most Aiken dating site video 2019 japanese tsunami images in black, sheltered person can do anything.

You have amazing, unstoppable power within you. Things may seem impossible. The roadblocks may be massive. The pain and fear may be so intense that you would rather hide. Yet it is totally possible.

Am I happy with my life as it is if the things I dream about never happen? Are the things that are holding me back real, or can I find a way to overcome them maybe with professional help? You have inside of you a phoenix that can rise from the ashes of your past.

Yes, you have wounds. Yes, you have past pain. Yes, you have fear. Yes, people could try to hurt you. Yes, people may look at you differently. You just have to pull the trigger with one tiny action in that direction. Then another and another. You have the power within you. What do you dream that you think is silly and could never happen? Grab those things, run with them, and muscle up the strength to plow through walls of negativity and self-doubt because you know you are deserving and worth it.

Of course I deserve it. Excellence deserves time, yet one year from today, you will Aiken dating site video 2019 japanese tsunami images in black well on your way to being the best in the world at what you do.

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