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You can visit Odessa-Montour's. We also have a Business Card Page. Kelahan on suggestion of Special Ed shutdown: The parent, Danielle Matthews -- noting that this has been "a chaotic year" in Special Ed -- said that "my first concern is there is a misunderstanding of what parents are really worried about.

I believe the concern is that the district is trying to dissolve the Special Ed Department While such a move might prove cost effective, she said, "the long-term effects on our community would be devastating. If we move these individuals out of our community, when they return Ballad of tony dating simulator 2019 no blur glitch will be unfamiliar with the area; it will be harder to get a job.

Essentially they will have already been shunned from a community that they may spend the rest of their lives in. The School Board, which by policy does not engage in debate during public discussions, did not respond.

But Kelahan, later that evening, did -- answering a text message asking if Special Ed elimination was the board's intent. Where in the world would that come from?!?! Please seek out clarification from Greg. The reference to two parents included Angela Cleveland, the mother of a special needs child. She spoke before Matthews, saying "Special Ed here is a disaster" and that "morale is at an all-time low.

Students and parents lack trust in the administration to really act in the best interest of our children. As Board of Education members we take the role of educational advocate very seriously.

After listening to feedback provided by staff members and community members, we feel it is important to clarify some misconceptions that may exist regarding our school. We are committed to regular, clear, and accurate communication with our community and staff, and our administration welcomes any feedback that will keep us in the right direction. This letter is evidence of our commitment to open communication.

Watkins Glen Schools provide a safe and supportive learning environment for our students and we are proud of our accomplishments. Still, there is opportunity for improvement and we are excited about the work that, when completed, will ensure success for all of our students.

Change can be hard, we understand this. To become the excellent school district that we know we can be requires us to create a vision, establish a plan, and provide the supports for our students and staff that are needed to achieve our goals. We can do this! These are multi-year goals -- we do not expect to accomplish them overnight, but we must start on our path toward improvement. We are asking our community to think about who we are and what Watkins Glen Central School provides. Several of our goals relate Ballad of tony dating simulator 2019 no blur glitch developing partnerships with area businesses and colleges, increasing opportunities for experiences outside of the school setting such as internships Ballad of tony dating simulator 2019 no blur glitch apprenticeships, and providing our students with the skills necessary to succeed in the career field of their choice.

Not every student will go to college as part of career preparation, and we understand that not every career requires college preparation. All careers are worthwhile and important -- we do not think some careers are more important than others. Our goal is to provide as many experiences as possible so that students have options.

Career opportunities will continue to change and we want our graduates to be in a position to adapt to the rapidly changing job market. Our goals are not about having students pick either college or a career after high school, our goals are about preparing our students to adapt and succeed.

We have discussed how best to fully utilize our new STEM Center to make more options for students -- not fewer.

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We are committed to supporting all of our students -- those that learn quickly and those that require additional help. All of our students deserve the best programs that we can offer. We make changes as we try to find what works best for each student.

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We listened to the concerns shared with us and followed up in regards to our special education program. We currently have students with IEPs. We have 15 special education teachers working with the general education teachers to support the learning needs of students. We also have 16 teacher aides, 20 teaching assistants, and 22 monitors to provide additional support.

Several years ago we closed the middle school building and consolidated our school onto one campus. We knew then that, due to the consolidation of schools and our shrinking student population, we would need to reduce our staff size. In fact, our former superintendent often told the board that we needed to start thinking about right-sizing this organization.


Ten years ago we enrolled nearly 1, students compared to the current 1, Until this year we had many more staff members than we had job responsibilities. That is why we did not increase the expenditure budget and why the school tax levy was reduced. Rather than laying off staff members, we have done our best to absorb positions as people retire and seek other opportunities. We ask for your continued support and partnership as we evolve and reach our goals.

We, as the Board of Education, are committed to providing the supports necessary to move our district toward excellence. This requires clear vision, unwavering dedication to our goals, and open communication.

This is our promise to you. New method for Youth Political Activism. It is one of a series of columns she is writing.


Many of these teenagers are not there for a day off or a night out like yourself. Instead they are working. Why do teenagers work?

What do teenagers do with money? Teenagers are a major market for many businesses and corporations, as they spend significant amounts of money, and can work and begin legally making money in New York State at age Local businesses as well as international companies such as Nike all benefit from the money that teenagers spend on their products. What is the goal for many teenagers when they give their money to a business in exchange for a product or a service?

Their goal is to receive that product or service. But what if teenagers changed their method of consumerism in order to expand that goal? What if the new goal was to receive the product while supporting a cause or ideology that Ballad of tony dating simulator 2019 no blur glitch believed in? Teenagers have the ability to use their discretionary spending to influence corporations. An example of these companies: Apple, historically donating to Democrats running for office.

Teenagers who are spending their money can have a significant impact and allow their political opinions to be heard in two ways: Boycotting would be not buying a product because of a decision that the company that manufactures the product is making.

However, when people boycott a product, they are not only denying a company their money, they are also denying themselves of "Ballad of tony dating simulator 2019 no blur glitch" product. Thus, the option of buycotting. When someone buycotts, they are buying a product from a company because they believe in the company's message and product, and it is more of a mutually beneficial arrangement. Boycotting is a form of negative reinforcement, while buycotting is a form of positive reinforcement.

Teenagers have the ability to do both, and therefore allow their voices to be heard. Although one teenager doing this may not have a major impact, what if all teenagers practiced conscientious consumerism?

Teenagers ages spend an average of about 9 hours a day on entertainment media use, according to a study that Common Sense Media published. Over an hour of that time is spent using social media 3.

What if instead, they were researching what political affiliations Netflix had before they paid their monthly bill, or investigating what country the clothes that they were wearing were made in?

What if instead of sharing memes or selfies, they shared information and worked together using hashtags such as BoycottNRA? A large difference could be made, especially considering that according to a U.

Census, there are 17 million teenagers ages in this country. Youth do have the power to make a difference, and if made aware of their buying power, they could have the ability to have major political sway, despite not even being old enough to vote. Water aerobics classes offered at Odessa. There are six Monday sessions and seven Thursday sessions, each for one hour, from 7 to 8 p.

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