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Swarming termites are a serious risk to Brisbane homes. The different castes are:. Alates are the termites with wings and the only termites with developed sexual reproductive systems which ensure the future of a colony. When the weather warms up is when they take flight on the lookout for a mate. Alates procreate mid-air, and then the female looks to find a new home to raise the next generation of termites which could also Cachetes caidos yahoo dating your home.

Flying termites can often be mistaken for flying ants, so if you can examine a dead flying termite you will notice subtle differences. Swarming termites can appear in a range of colours, depending on what species they are.

It does, however, mean there are active termites in your area so be sure to call a professional to perform a termite inspection. Time is of the essence when you find swarming termites indoors, as this likely indicates an infestation somewhere in your home.

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