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Christian polygamy dating sites


DESPITE legal restrictions there are members of the community using the internet to actively seek a relationship with one husband and multiple wives.

There are many cases of successful polygamous relationships.


IMAGINE meeting your perfect man, falling in love, getting married and spending your life with him and his other wives. Kaye began researching polygamy online and quickly fell in love with the concept after her monogamous marriage — from which she has a teenage son — failed.

Kaye said the decision to search for a polygamous relationship "Christian polygamy dating sites" from her own free will and her motives centre on companionship. Identifying as a straight woman, Kaye admits she has no interest in entering into a sexual relationship with both the man and women.

Kaye believes if the relationship involved mature and consenting adults, the arrangement would run smoothly. Anyone that says their family life runs smoothly is lying, life is not like the Brady Bunch.

With a clear vision in her mind, Kaye has kicked up her efforts to find a successful polygamous relationship and has joined dating websites to find like-minded individuals.

Despite the hardships, Kaye remains resilient in finding what she is looking for and hopes one day Christian polygamy dating sites will relax its laws to make polygamy and polyandry — one woman with multiple husbands — legal.

Same sex marriage or polygamy. If all parties are consenting adults, why should it be banned? People need to open their minds.

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Polygamy means large families, just like Mormon polygamist Tom Green with 25 of his children and his five wives. As a man chasing his own polygamous relationship, Azad Chaiwala learnt first-hand how difficult it could be to find like-minded individuals.

To combat this issue, Mr Chaiwala created polygamy. The year-old believes people shunning polygamous dating websites harbour views that are unjustified in modern society given the plethora of other sites facilitating hook ups and extra martial affairs.

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