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Galaxy angel rpg dating mint


This is a narrative walkthrough of Galaxy Angel. The Transbaal homeworld is surrounded almost immediately, after which they begin an orbital bombardment of the capital. The orbiting space station which seems to be the one used as the Moon Angel Troupe 's base in the anime is destroyed along with the Imperial palace, resulting in the death of King Gerald.

The White Moon suffers significant damage, although it is later revealed that Lady Shatoyan was able to secure the White Moon in an impenetrable shield. On the bridge of the cruiser, the Commanding Officer of the garrison, Tact Mayersis relaxing in spite of being lectured by his executive officer, Lester Cooldurasfor being too carefree in his attitude. Tact's fleet is suddenly approached Galaxy angel rpg dating mint unknown fighters, along with Galaxy angel rpg dating mint fleet of automated ships from the coup, but why?

Everyone is surprised at the Angels' arrival, and wonders what they are doing there. The Angels request Tact's assistance in repulsing Galaxy angel rpg dating mint automated fleet pursuing them; Tact can immediately agree which impresses the Angelswait and see, or attempt to flee which displeases them. Luft informs them that the coup forces, lead by the once-disgraced Eonia Transbaalhave control of the capital and are expanding their influence rapidly.

Luft asks Tact to take command of the Elle Ciel and the Angel Troupe, and escort Prince Shivathe last surviving member of the royal family, to safety at the Rhome system where the remaining loyalist forces are gathering.

Tact can accept quickly impressing Ranpha, Forte and Vanillaor only yield after pressure from Luft impressing Mint and Milfeulle. Subsequently, the Elsior is attacked by an automated fleet commanded by Rezon Mayzona Transbaal general who defected to Eonia's coup. Fortunately, the Angel Troupe succeed in repelling the attack and taking out Rezon's flagship.

Luft takes Tact and Lester to meet Prince Shiva. Shiva, unaware of the broken state of the Imperial forces, orders Tact to return to Transbaal immediately. Tact must choose between attempting to let Shiva down gently, or telling him the straight truth both options have the same eventual outcome, but the latter enables the subsequent Shiva subroute. Luft then shows Tact, Lester and the Angels a recording of Eonia's ascension speech to the public, rationalizing his coup d'etat and his overthrow of the previous royal family.

The player, as Tact, can choose either to immediately distrust this speech this will impress Milfeulle, Ranpha, and Forteto withhold judgement until more information is procured this will lower Ranpha's opinion of Tact, but will impress Mint and Vanillaor to find the speech impressive this will impress no one and will lower Mint and Forte's opinion of Tact.

Afterwards, Luft and Lester begin Galaxy angel rpg dating mint the route to Rhome, leaving Tact to explore the ship.

Here he sees a demonstration of Milfeulle's supernatural good luck firsthand as he witnesses her win a lottery prize in the Elle Ciel's convenience store. Milfeulle proceeds to give Tact a grand tour of the ship while introducing him to the other Angels.

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