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Mesoamerican chronology divides the history of prehispanic Mesoamerica into several periods: The periodization of Mesoamerica is based on archaeological, ethnohistorical, and modern cultural anthropology research. The endeavor to create cultural histories of Mesoamerica dates to the early twentieth century, with ongoing work by archeologists, ethnohistorians, historians, and cultural anthropologists. The Paleo-Indian less frequently, Lithic period or era is that which spans from the first signs of human presence in the region, to the establishment of agriculture Que es prehispanico yahoo dating other practices e.

In Mesoamerica, the termination of this phase and its transition into the succeeding Archaic period may generally be reckoned at between 10, and BCE, although this dating is approximate only and different timescales may be used between fields and sub-regions. Before BCE [2] During the Archaic Era agriculture was developed in the region and permanent villages were established.

Late in this era, use of pottery and loom weaving became common, and class divisions began to appear.

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