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3 year anniversary gift ideas for him dating simulator


The right gift shows your boyfriend just how much you care about him. You want a gift that feels personalized just for him, and shows that you pay attention to his likes, dislikes, wants, and needs. Read on to get recommendations for unique, creative, and just plain cool gifts for boyfriends of all ages. Shopping for a high-energy guy with a quirky sense of humor? This goofy tee is probably right up his alley.

Too intense for your boyfriend? Maybe a more somber, simple shirt would be better for him. Maybe a simple Van Heusen long sleeve dress shirt is the way to go.

Speaking of murder and intrigue, Ripper Street is a great gift for guys who love crime procedurals or period dramas. The scripts are impeccable, with dialogue that perfectly fits the time and place. The show is set in London injust after 3 year anniversary gift ideas for him dating simulator Jack the Ripper murders. A detective, his sergeant, and an American doctor try to solve murders, wondering all the while if Jack the Ripper is going to resurface and kill again.

Each episode is sort of like CSIwith the characters using then-cutting edge techniques like motion picture cameras, fingerprinting, or forensic entomology to solve each case. The action will keep him on the edge of his seat. As of this writing, four seasons have aired, and a fifth is in the works.

Want another gift idea in this vein? Looking for a cheap gift for a gamer? This handmade pillow features tons of characters from the Mario franchise, making it perfect for a Nintendo fan. Want a more unique gift? Looking for a cool gift for a professional cook or serious foodie? A knife roll is what professional chefs use to store and transport their knives. When unrolled, it is easy to select just the right knife for the task at hand. Denim and leather rolls are also available, but waxed canvas is a classic option that has the added benefit of being a bit easier to keep clean.

A bit steep for your budget? Hardmill also makes some pretty dope lunch sacksalso out of waxed canvas. Do you sometimes wonder if he loves his car more than you? If your boyfriend is a gearhead who takes insane pride in his ride, he might love this automobile cleaning tool. The Brush Hero is a powerful rotating brush that makes quick work of cleaning the dirt from tires and wheel wells.

It can also be used to clean bikes or motorcycles after a muddy ride through rough terrain. Looking for something a little more special? It also provides crash assistance, and gives you driving tips to save on gas.

If your boyfriend loves to run and listen to music at the same time, these headphones will offer him a snug fit and superior audio performance. The headphones are splash-resistant, so they can handle running in the rain, or getting hit with a little sweat.

Flexible joints and a very lightweight body ensure that you can get the gift you need, without a lot of additional stress on your ears or head. These are wireless headphones with up to nine hours of battery life. If you guys travel together a lot, you might want to invest in two headsets so you guys can listen to music or watch a movie together. Not sure if these headphones are the right gift for your guy? Get more gift ideas from our guides "3 year anniversary gift ideas for him dating simulator" the best wireless Bluetooth headphones and the best wireless earbuds for running.

Need a funny gift for a guy who hits the gym hard?

This great muscle tee lets him show off his biceps. Need to find gifts for other men in your life? Check out our guide to the best gifts for grandpa. He can turn any lamp or appliance into a smart home appliance by plugging it into this special switch. The system works with any smartphone or tablet running Android 4. You might consider tossing in some WeMo light bulbs as well.

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If you guys love lounging in the sun and frolicking in the pool, this beer pong float is a wacky gift idea for the boyfriend who loves to party. This pool-friendly float can be used as a regular float, but can also be transformed into a floating beer pong table. There are divots to keep the cups stable, and the float comes pre-packed 3 year anniversary gift ideas for him dating simulator five ping pong balls.

If your boyfriend loves Marvel movies and superheroes, this S. Does your boyfriend love stories of true crime, science, or history? This fascinating book examines the potentially antagonistic relationship between Johannes Kepler and Tyco Brahe. These famous scientists were both larger than life characters. Brahe famously lost part of his nose in a sword fight, and Kepler struggled with poor vision and crippled hands after surviving smallpox.

Shopping for a guy who loves comics and graphic novels can be tough. For that hard-to-shop-for comics lover, we recommend the first volume of The Manara Library.

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This box will only open after you slide portions of the exterior design in a precise order. Yosegi refers to the unique style of mosaic woodwork on the exterior. The boxes themselves are called Himitsu-Bako in Japanese, and were famously used by samurai to send 3 year anniversary gift ideas for him dating simulator messages, or conceal precious items.

There are a couple of different designs to choose from. Other, less expensive puzzle box options are available via the link below. Sure, there are other lighters out there, but none have the prestige of a Zippo. A lighter is a great gift for a smoker, as well as for survivalists or campers who need an emergency source of fire. These matte finish Zippos have a cool look, and are available in colors like white, blue, green, orange, black, and even hot pink.

If you want a more ornate option, you could opt for a dragon Zippo or eagle Zippo instead. Does your boyfriend love the beach?

A rash guard protects his skin from irritation while surfing, and also can be worn on the beach to prevent overexposure to the sun.

We like this rash guard from Volcom because it comes in a nice variety of colors, is easy to wash, and provides the equivalent of 50 SPF protection against the sun.

Volcom also makes long sleeve rash guardsfor guys who need extra coverage. This fun Star Wars chess set is a great gift idea for the Star Wars fan in your life. This simple game of strategy gets a fresh look by making each piece look like a classic Star Wars character. The black pieces are Imperial characters, and include notable bad guys like Darth Vader and Boba Fett. This is a fun gift for someone who loves sci-fi, or someone who collects chess sets. Need a little gift for your wine-loving boyfriend?

This funky wine accessory is an aerator and wine preserver, all in one. Close the tap to protect the wine from oxidation during storage on the counter or in the fridge. Racking your brain for other fun gift ideas for a wine lover?

Peruse our guide to the best wine openersor consider this romantic home decor sign for wine lovers. Binoculars are a great gift idea for boyfriends who love hunting, bird watching, or just taking in beautiful vistas somewhere in the great outdoors. But not all binoculars are created equal. These binoculars from Bushnell are affordable, but still offer waterproof design and fog-free performance.

A large knob in the center makes it easy to adjust the focus. These binoculars boast 8x magnification and a 25mm objective diameter. They are especially nice for stargazing.

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