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Lee min ho dating kim nana


The City Hunter and Nana Bear?!! On one hand, there go my fleeting, albeit delusional, daydreams of kidnapping — er, winning over Lee Min-ho with my charms. But they reportedly developed feelings over the course of shooting City Hunter. DUH, talk about foregone conclusion. The official story goes, they started seeing each other after the show wrapped — a cup of coffee here, a drink there — and that developed Lee min ho dating kim nana full-blown romance.

I bet this soothes some wounded souls after the ambiguousish ending, yeah? Well I much prefer their real-life counterparts getting the happily ever after. Aww, I just want them to be together all giddy-like and happy forever and ever. And you get PAID to do it??? Your Lee min ho dating kim nana address will not be published. When I read the title, I thought it was some rumor. Then it's actually real and confirmed!

But I'm happy for him cos he finally found a partner. Oh im so happy about the news and i totally agree with you not just a partner but a gorgeous partner i hope they will really be a real couple. Because they started dating after City Hunter is over.

The only reason they admitted to dating because they were caught. I don't think it was a deal or something. So happy for the two of them!!! I knew he has a thing for petite beauties! P Happy, happy, happy!!! The best thing ever and the friggin's sad thing ever too I'm happy for them but how come the devil on my shoulder is poking me so hard and make me want to curse and cry?? I'm so conflicted too.

I'm sad that LMHot is no longer single. But if it has to be anyone, then I'm happy that it is Nana Bear! Wish them all the best! I am happy that its Nana Bear But Lee Min Ho!!!

On the other hand it's...

I always wondered how I'd react to news of his dating WHO he would eventually date Now that its out I am sad and happy at the same time!! No, I'm sure you are not the only one. However, GHS is so busy filming and editing her movie that I don't think she has time for a relationship. Awww I'm sooo happy for them both!

Min Young, I am so envious of you. You are one lucky chick. Min Ho, you are still sooo hawt! This news has brightened up my day. I have a stupid grin on my face and I'm getting weird looks from my co-workers.

I'm also very afraid for PMY. She already has many antis; now she may suffers more bashing from LMH fans. Fighting City Hunter and Nana Bear! May your relationship last for a long time. I was Lee min ho dating kim nana about that too I would hate for them to start tormenting her because she's dating LMH. I really do hope that the media and netizens give them space. I get that look often at work when I'm sneaking around reading DB. I guess it's good thing that my desk faces the wall so that everyone passing by doesn't see my weird expressions I make when trying to contain the giggles.

There is antis already on this thread. So sad for them. It's going to be so tough to date openly now. Lee min ho dating kim nana be bother by the negative MinMin.

D let's celebrate their relationship!!! I agree with you. Finally some young Korean actors admit they are dating. Hope that the rules for the private life of Korean idols change and they will be allowed to say that they are dating, are in love, eating, drinking, facial hair, etc.

BTW, the Korean idols are human too. I Love LMH but never thought that the news of him finally dating after all the complaining I saw him do in interviews last year about how he would like to have a girlfriend would have me laugh to tears. And yes, I am really happy for both of them. Back to your comment: When I read the news, I thought: Things change all the time so technically he may be available in the future. Also, according to Corn Tea below, there is still the afterlife to vie for his affection.

I dont tink it a crime 4 havin dem together. Lee min ho sunbae and park min young,min and min,may u last long in jesus name,n just remember my name oladele timilehin,timmylee,cus we wil b producing film together in the next 5yearz. Maymay, there is the after life, probably a loooong line of fangirls vying for him in that world, too.

Can I just say, you are one tenacious girl, holding on to hope with life with LMH in the afterlife. If you could come back, please let us know how things are going between the two of you.

Wishing the two of you the best as well: I'm not a big fan of LMH or PMY not that it matters but it's nice to hear celebrity couples dating in real life and being honest about it Apparently LMH has said he would do a Lee min ho dating kim nana series if asked as long as it was different to season 1 - so at least the subject is being discussed!

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