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Are troye sivan and tyler oakley dating 2019


Famous Youtuber Tyler Oakley is openly a gay, and almost everyone who follows this internet sensation knows it.

But who is the Youtuber dating right now? He once did a boyfriend tag video but who is his partner? Back inwhen Tyler was speaking about his book "Binge," he broke the silence on his love life and said that he was dating a man in his life, who he would like to get married.

But he once did a boyfriend tag video, and we are sure you all know what a boyfriend tag video is. And for those who do not know what that is, it is a video where you ask your boyfriend stuffs about you and check how much closely your boyfriend knows you.

Tyler Oakley is doing the boyfriend tag video with Troye Sivan. Published on February 14, So there are fewer chances of Sivan being the boyfriend of Tyler.

million times. Keep reading to...

So who is his boyfriend then? Well, the suspense is yet to be broken. Tyler was scared to write and talk about it in his book.

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