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Dating be persistent


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I have a friend who...

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Has a persistent guy ever "won you over"? Long story short, I've "chased" one particular girl call her Tina for about 4 years. She knew I was into Dating be persistent for the last 3. A couple days after that, she said she only saw me as a friend. Fast forward to today, when she agreed to get yogurt over the weekend. I Dating be persistent mention that I recently broke up with someone, and Tina's heard from mutual friends that I broke up because I'm still interested in her.

From your experiences, has persistence ever paid off for the guy? I don't want to be creeping her out with my advances, but I am crazy about her.

Earlier in the year I...

If yogurt goes really well I'm going to ask her on a date, as opposed to whatever we did last time Dating be persistent considered.

Any advice on the yogurt date would be appreciated. Yes, but none of those relationships ever worked out. A couple of them actually went up in flames because I was no longer seen as a person but as some sort of shinning jewel or some similar BS. I had one exception in that it did end but not catastrophically. We are friends now because he has a much higher maturity level than those other guys. If a girlfriend was asking for advice on it though, I would warn them against the relationship to be honest, just based on my own experience.

To me, it comes off as manipulative. I personally have sworn off relationships Dating be persistent start like that. Every guy who has been persistent with me has seen me Dating be persistent a concept as opposed to a human being.

It's tiring and creepy. I met her 4 years ago first half of college through really close mutual friends. I was instantly attracted, not just to her looks but her personality.

I didn't get her number and I thought I'd never see her again. She knows almost nothing about me at this point. A year passes by, and by chance we're hanging out in a huge group of friends. I get her number. Call her and ask if she wants Dating be persistent hang out alone, and she says it'd be too awkward a nice "no".

Don't talk to her for another year. The following year yes we met annually, just coincidence we're all hanging out with mutual friends again.

Something feels different, as she's not opposed to all of us hanging out together. I don't Dating be persistent what that means either. Well the mutual friend who we initially met through actually turned out to have a huge crush on me, and tells Tina about all Dating be persistent girls I slept with and how I'm probably trying to play her.

Despite all this, I eventually ask her out to dinner and she says yes. Our first time hanging out alone, I was really nervous and I was probably a really lame date. She told me she wanted to just be friends when I asked her to a second date.

I graciously accept defeat. I casually ask if she wants to get yogurt, because she freaking loves yogurt.

She says she's down if they have a specific flavor they change flavors twice a weekand though they had the flavor that same weekend, I decide that it's just coincidence and don't ask her.

I'm dating a different girl, but it doesn't work Dating be persistent. We break up, I'm with my original mutual friends minus Tina and I drunkenly admit that I still like Tina.

The Social Man

I'm not a woman here but I'm sure that message got relayed. That night I message her saying please Dating be persistent whatever she hears about me as I was drunk. She seems to be curious but I don't answer any questions. A couple weeks later yesterdayI noticed the yogurt shop has her flavor and I say so, and ask if she wants to go. To all those saying it can be creepy: I think every time I ever contacted her is listed in my story. I've kept it super slow, and backed off any time she wasn't feeling it.

I dated several girls in between the 4 years. It's just that I can't stop thinking about this one.

You should go for what...

I feel like there were too many expectations there. This time, however, no one knows that we are going to get yogurt.

First, let’s look at mentality.

Especially without rumor-spreading-mutual-friend butting in, I feel like my chances are much better. When you have so many posts with such varied answers it's kind of weird to try to extrapolate a lesson of any kind from them. Trying to predict whether or not a girl will be "Dating be persistent" over with persistence is probably time that could be better spent. There is no real lesson. People are simply too volatile to try to figure out whether it's going to turn out like a romantic comedy or an episode of Cops.

There's also a ton of recall bias. People will "remember" things differently depending how it played out. If things worked out, then yeah he was just persistent enough.

Persistence also means different things to different people. Maybe the guy was totally obsessed and continually asked her out on dates. Or maybe the guy did try asking her out from time to time while still pursuing other women. Did she initially him because she was too stressed out at the time? Or did she initially reject him because she didn't find him attractive? Doesn't recall bias work both ways on this though? Is it really a significant factor to consider?

This is probably the most helpful answer. The question is extremely situational and depends entirely on the relationship of the two people, what happens between them, and how the chemistry plays out.

I think it's all in how you pursue the girl. If you get rejected and constantly try to win her over you'll become a creep, but if you continue to be yourself, have confidence, and let it be Dating be persistent that your still interested things can workout.

I think "yes, persistence works" or "no, persistence doesn't work" from 40 random people on the internet with so many variables not taken into account is almost useless. It seems this is one of Dating be persistent things that only the individual involved can determine.

Views. Eddy Baller, Men's dating coach in Vancouver B.C. Answered Mar 17· Author has answers and k Dating be persistent views. Persistence can be. Earlier in the year I had broken up with my boyfriend of nearly 2 years and had just started dating again.

I always considered this guy a friend. You should go for what you want, right?

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