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Foedus cassianum yahoo dating


This list of treaties contains historic agreements, pacts, peaces, and major contracts between states, armies, governments, and tribal groups. Please help review and edit Wikimedia's 5-year strategic priorities.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Contents [ hide ]. As Their Natural Resources Fail: Daugherty, Treaty 3 Research Report Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan. Canadian plains research center, University of Regina.

Indian and Northern Affairs of Canada. Accessed on May 25, Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Retrieved Foedus cassianum yahoo dating " http: Law lists Timelines by event type Lists of treaties. Views Article Discussion Edit this page History. Contents [ hide ] 1 Before AD 2 3 4 5 — 6 — 7 — 8 — 9 — 10 —current 11 Pending 12 Footnotes.

Foedus Cassianum [ 4 ]. Ends the war between the Roman Republic and the Latin League. Ends the Persian Wars. Athens and Sparta end the first phase of the Peloponnesian War. Sets the boundaries of Greek and Persian territory. Ends the First Punic War. Ends the First Macedonian War. Ends the Second Macedonian War. Establishes friendship between Judas Maccabeus and the Roman Republic.

Ends the First Mithridatic War. Treaty of Andelot [ 5 ]. Between Muslims and the Quraish. Treaty of Ili river. Between Nubia and Egypt. Treaty of Orihuela [ 6 ]. Establishes a dhimmi over the Christian inhabitants of Orihuela. Officially ends the Battle of Anchialus and establishes the borders between Byzantium and the Bulgarian Empire. Sets the southern boundary of Denmark at the Eider River. Ends prolonged series of conflicts between the Bulgarian Empire and the Byzantine Empire in Bulgarian favour.

Foedus cassianum yahoo dating

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Partitions the Carolingian Empire. Treaty of Alfred and Guthrum. Regulates the status of the colony of Rus' merchants in Constantinople. Between the Byzantine Empire and Kievan Rus.

Treaties of Burkina Faso

Charles the Simple grants Normandy to Rollo. West Francia and East Francia both recognize each other. Establishes relations between the Northern Song and Liao Dynasties. Byzantine—Venetian Treaty of The Principality of Antioch becomes a nominal vassal of the Byzantine Empire.

The crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem allies with Venice. Recognises Portuguese independence from the Kingdom of Leon and Castile.

Treaty of Foedus cassianum yahoo dating [ 8 ].

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Treaty of Constance [ 9 ]. Peace "Foedus cassianum yahoo dating" the Papacy and the Kingdom of Sicily. Treaty of Venice [ 10 ]. Treaty of Cazorla [ 11 ]. Defines the zones of conquest in Andalusia between Aragon and Castile. Peace of Constance [ 12 ]. Reaffirms the Peace of Venice. Ends the Third Crusade. Treaty of Le Goulet. Otto IV renounces the Concordat of Worms.

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Golden Bull of Sicily. Establishes peace between the Nicaean Empire and the Latin Empire. Between King John of England and his Baron's. Treaty with the Princes Foedus cassianum yahoo dating the Church [ 13 ]. Golden Charter of Bern. Establishes Berne as an independent state. Nicaean—Venetian Treaty of Grants Venetians freedom of trade and duty-free imports throughout the Nicaean Empire in exchange for non-support for the Latin Empire.

Golden Bull of Andrew II of Hungary grants Hungarian nobles the power to disobey the king when he acted contrary to the law. Forces the counts of Flanders to swear fealty to the French crown. Golden Bull of Rimini.

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