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Color code white blue relationships dating


I first encountered the Color Code personality test in high school at a church camp. After we each took the test, we made little felt people in our color and made them into necklaces to wear all week in an attempt to get to know each other and serve each other better.

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Sometimes I wish everyone I meet would wear these little colored necklaces so I would better be able to tell what their strengths, limitations and most importantly, motivations are. Megan Christensen is here today to discuss how the color code test has improved her marriage.

There are a myriad of resources Color code white blue relationships dating there to help improve your marriage, but there is one I personally really believe in. Not only can it help improve your marriage, it can actually help improve any relationship you engage in.

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It can also help you understand yourself better and work to improve so you can become the person you want to be. Taking the test is just the first part.

Once you identify your own personality color, you can start learning about all the colors and what their motives, strengths, limitations, needs and wants are. I know that my Driving Core Motive, or my innate motive in life, is intimacy. His motive in life is fun.

This means a lot of our conversations are infiltrated with how much he wants to go on another cruise. My husband and I recently moved to a new neighborhood and therefore have been invited to a couple social gatherings to meet new people.

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I really wanted to go to the first one we were invited to because I wanted to make friends with those around us. So we stayed home. In addition to Blue and Yellow personalities, there are Red and White personalities. The Red motive in life is power. Reds are typically the power-house leaders among us. The White motive in life is peace. Whites are the calm, serene peacemakers in our friend groups and families.

Although you may have recognized the strengths before, now you have specific names for them and can notice them more. Maybe your Red spouse is decisive and it combats your indecisiveness as a White. Now that you can truly recognize their strength for what it is, you can appreciate it and promote that strength in them.

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