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Dating and courtship the christian way to deal with anger


Relationships and courtships are not easy. There are obstacles and challenges that you will face and are probably facing right now in your courtship. The first thing I want to say is that you should celebrate these challenges because they come to test your relationship to see if you really have something genuine and strong.

If your courtship is able to stand and be strong despite all the challenges you face, it is a good sign that you have something solid. You have to come to a place in your relationship where you can be yourself, where your partner gets to see not only your strengths but also your weaknesses, this is important because whoever you are going to marry needs to be able to accept you with your flaws.

If you have never had disagreements, misunderstandings and challenges in your courtship, that could be a very bad sign, it might mean that you are both sweeping the things that offend and annoy you under the carpet in the attempt to avoid confrontations. From my personal experience, experiences of people I have discussed with, and from research; I have been able to draw out 3 major challenges Singles face:.

Abstaining from Sex This is probably the biggest challenge you will face in courtship.

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Every couple I know struggled with this at one point or the other in their courtship. The closer you get to someone, the more the love grows between the two of you, the harder it becomes to abstain from sex. Many fall into the temptation under the excuse that they are going to get married anyway.

But the truth is that having sex before marriage can actually end up driving the two of you apart because of the guilt that comes with the sin and also because of the fear of unwanted pregnancy. There have been cases when two people are in a Courtship, they end up having sex outside marriage, the girl gets pregnant and the guy runs and abandons her out of fear and shame, and this is the same guy that promised to marry her. Just remember that sexual temptation is just one of the challenges you will face in your courtship, it is a challenge you must overcome.

Waiting for eachother till marriage shows that there is true commitment, it shows that your relationship is not just physical and that there is true love, not just lust. It shows that there is more to your relationship than sex.

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Dating and courtship the christian way to deal with anger Misunderstandings Another major challenge that couples in courtship face is misunderstandings. How many times have you said something innocently to your partner and they took it the wrong way thinking that you were trying to attack them, they retaliate and you both end up having an argument.

This is perfectly normal and has its roots in the physiological and psychological differences between men and women. The key thing to do when this happens is to be patient and not fly off your handle and seek to make sure both of you understand that it was truly a misunderstanding and make the necessary apologies.

Trust When there are trust issues in a relationship it can be a major challenge for the two people in the courtship. Past experiences in previous relationships can result in you or your partner having a suspicious mind and as a result have difficulties trusting the person you are in a relationship with, especially if someone has hurt you in a previous relationship by cheating on you or abusing you.

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If you find that you are unable to trust your partner based on your past experiences then you need to talk to your partner about your past experiences so that they can understand why you are the way you are and not just think that they are the cause of your trust issues. If your present partner has been unfaithful and that is what has caused the mistrust in the relationship, then you will need time to heal even if they have repented, apologized and changed their ways.

It will take time before you are able to trust them again and it will be an ongoing battle.

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