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Donghae kissing scene with yoon seung ah dating


Panda, to kiss him in the eight episode that aired on September 9 is now spotted dating with another woman in a car, fully dressed like a homme fatal.

The still pictures of this secret dating scene freak viewers out. First few buttons of his white shirt are unbuttoned and his hair is done in a neat style, pointing upwards.

His sexy charm is apparently shown and such side of him reminds viewers of his charismatic feature on stage as a member of Super Junior. Because he appears in a totally different fashion, abandoning his patissier costume and casual wear, viewers begin Donghae kissing scene with yoon seung ah dating imagine what would have possibly happened. In the meantime, the appearance of detective Ma Sang Pil played by Nam Kyeong Eup to investigate the ex-husband of Park Mi Hyang played by Lee Moon Heethe daughter of Park Byung Moo played by Park Keun Hyung builds more expectations and makes viewers nervous about whether the behind-the-scene stories will be discovered.

Yoon Seung Ah and Donghae's...

The ninth episode of the series will be on September 15 at 7: It was just her imagination! I don't know about the upcoming kiss scene in episode 10, but the pictures of player!

Seung Ji came from Panda's vivid imagination! She pops into his room after running off following the scene at the end of the previous ep, only to find him missing, so her imagination kicks into overdrive. We do actually get a different kiss scene between Panda and Seung Ji in this episode, though. Two pecks, really, but it's so adorable!

Panda takes the initiative. Fujii Mina reappears and scores a one-hit KO on the annoying Saint Honore couple when she tells them flat out that she prefers Cafe Panda. It's a nice change seeing Jaekyum floored. And Fujii Mina's Korean is really good - I was completely surprised when she opened her mouth and out poured fluent Korean.

Also, they played another new OST track at the end of the episode - this time, we have Choi Jin Hyuk doing the singing honours. Does anyone know the real name of the girl that plays the Japanese girl that endorses Seung Ji's macaroons?

On the episode that aired on September 15th, Go Seung Ji Lee Dong Hae wondered if he had the right to like Pan Da Yang Yoon Seung Ahon the 10th episode that is to air on the 16th, there was a preview that showed that they will have a kiss. It raised expectations of viewers and made them wondered if they will officially start their romance. At the end of episode 9, Da Yang surprisingly kissed Seung Donghae kissing scene with yoon seung ah dating and showed her feelings towards him.

It is thought that they will start their romance, but it made viewers wonder what their 'tearful kiss,' was about. An official from the drama 'Miss Panda and Hedgehog,' "the tearful kiss scene between Seung Ji and Da Yang shows their slowly growing relationship, and it is a scene that shows their growth. Starting from this episode, you will see a change in them, you can anticipate.

Donghae, playing Go Seung Ji,...

This brough the viewers a carthasis. The 10th episode of 'Miss Panda and Hedgehog' is to air on September 16th at 7: By Terresa Gate Started May 3.

By 0ly40 Started September By the girl who! By 0ly40 Started June By hkana Started June 20, Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

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'Miss Panda and Hedgehog' Actress Yoon Seung Ah for '1st Look' Panda and Hedgehog,' was seen having a 'cart date' and has been gaining interest. Panda and Hedgehog' Dong Hae "The Kiss Scene With Yoon Seung Ah Was The First Jun 13, AM EDT: Super Junior's Donghae Becomes a Patissier. Yoon Seung-ah (Hangul: 윤승아; born September 29, ) is a South Korean actress. Supporting roles in films and TV series followed, notably as Ha-ni's quirky best friend Min-ah in romantic comedy Playful Kiss, and as "Super Junior's Donghae, Yoon Seung-a go on date in matching t-shirts".

10Asia. Retrieved. Donghae, playing Go Seung Ji, who asked Yoon Seung Ah, playing Ms.

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