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Preserving family videos is "Dvd player ok opd 420 dating" important task, because no one wants to lose the precious memories of their loved ones. However, after Dvd player ok opd 420 dating watching some of the tapes with the family, she decided it was time to transfer them.

She was reminded of how special these home movies are, and she also knows that the tapes can deteriorate over time. Some of them are more than two decades old. First, she researched options and costs. Phone calls to professional companies that transfer tapes were discouraging. The process was simple.

It was even possible to edit as it was recording, although this involved sitting with it Dvd player ok opd 420 dating it was converting. The first conversion she did took 2 hours and 36 minutes.

In addition to this option, there are three other methods for conversion:. Click images above for more information. Plus, you have the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Couple that with the effect of aging on the tape, and you may have a somewhat messy viewing experience.

However, starting the VHS-DVD conversion process will preserve your priceless memories no matter which option you choose, and it may be better to have them with some artifacts than not have them at all.

What is the best way to do this with minimum technical difficulty, and maximum quality essentially no loss of image and audio quality??? I assume there is software available to do this, but don't know what product will best meet these requirements.

DVD discs were limited to 2 hr max before they started dropping pieces of the picture as macroblocking or artifacting. So unless you recorded the vhs at high speed, 1 vhs tape for 2 hour shows. Most people don't want to think about taking one vhs tape with 6 or 8 hours and converting that to 3 or 4 DVD discs. Blu-ray came later and is rarer but had 5 times the storage capacity.

Blu-ray would be safer.

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You really can't get these serviced anymore and spare parts are gone. Then get a reputable DVD recorder to use as a filter, many would clean up the signal and pass it on through to its outputs. Finally the recording device can be a usb dongle but really they don't work well or a capture card for a PCI slot, Magewell makes these, or a totally standalone capture device which records to computer files on a removable hard drive, AverMedia makes these.

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